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(This is is not a dream I had, so it is definitely OOC; and yes, Lucy knows that I'm posting this.)

My mother told me about a dream she had, either late last night, or sometime this morning.

She said that in the dream, I left Ohio, and moved to Florida and Lucy and I moved in to her apartment.
After we had been roommates for a while, we moved out to California, where we began writing scripts for some kind of on-line soap-opera.

The End

I think the reason she had this dream is because of all the times, IRL, where she has overheard Lucy and I discussing various story ideas for here. There was a time, not too long ago, when my mom thought I was "crazy for doing all that Carmen Sandiego stuff" but more recently, she has told me,"I now see the value of having having an active fantasy life." 🙂


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I just had a dream about where we would sneak into places. Carmen would show us a way and then we would split up and explore the place. I think we were looking for objects she asked us for? One girl said she could climb a wall and get to the high ceilings and I asked her if she was sure. The girl was telling me how many times she'd done this before and said not to worry. Then we found the objects or what ever it was we were looking for, well Carmen took off and left us there. :D We tried to go out the way we came but it was blocked. It took us awhile but we did get out in the end.

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