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(This is is not a dream I had, so it is definitely OOC; and yes, Lucy knows that I'm posting this.)

My mother told me about a dream she had, either late last night, or sometime this morning.

She said that in the dream, I left Ohio, and moved to Florida and Lucy and I moved in to her apartment.
After we had been roommates for a while, we moved out to California, where we began writing scripts for some kind of on-line soap-opera.

The End

I think the reason she had this dream is because of all the times, IRL, where she has overheard Lucy and I discussing various story ideas for here. There was a time, not too long ago, when my mom thought I was "crazy for doing all that Carmen Sandiego stuff" but more recently, she has told me,"I now see the value of having having an active fantasy life." 🙂

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