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Happy Birthday, Ivy! *Leaves a box containing a new pair of Mixed Martial Arts sparring set (gloves, helmet and rash guards) * I've figure you need new ones after your old ones got worn out!
It's been one week since we had to help my sweet cat Mable leave this world after 16.5 years. I've never known grief like this.
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I know exactly how I felt losing a furry friend but remember your furry friend in your memory.
Julie Justice
Julie Justice
Awww @Claire, so sorry to hear that. We may be facing the same situation in the near future, IRL, with our little grey baby who is 18. Mom may take her to another vet in a few days for a second opinion as to whether or not the thing in her mouth is cancer. Still eating, walking around, and purring. I've mentioned this cat in statuses and threads as Ella (not her real name). Hugs and prayers, hun.
Julie Justice
Julie Justice
The cat known as Ella steadily declined since I posted that last comment. So after mom and I spent most of last 🌃 taking turns holding her in our laps to keep her happy, mom took her to the vet and had her put down. It was extremely peaceful (for her). Mom held her the entire time, where they tried to make the office feel "homey" with a rug, nice fake 🕯and such. We are having her⚱ so we will have her with us, always.
*is having a bowl of Khao soi (🍚, 🥥, and🥚🍜in a clear broth topped with minced 🐖 and 🍅 sauce) while 👀 the 🏮 Festival in Chaing Mai 🇹🇭 hoping for blessings.*😇
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