1. Dawn


    This was a collaboration with @[21:@Neb] a while back, on a story that has now been scrapped. It was great while it lasted. --- The Director pulled against the mask lightly, and it surrendered without protest. Beneath was a face full of worries and oddly placed scars, but otherwise no real...
  2. Kidman likes snakes

    Kidman likes snakes

    From the journal set 'End of Summer'
  3. Anomolies


    Kidman, (now Neb Ullyss) and Flag, reunited in the journal quartet 'Restoration'
  4. Kidman as Neb Ullyss

    Kidman as Neb Ullyss

    After the time loop at the end of Cadence, Kidman regrew as Neb, the name she goes by after the journal 'Past Present'
  5. Walk


    Kidman is teamed up with Flag during Cadence
  6. Translate


    Kidman's Remote Viewing in ALS
  7. Movies


    Various influences in Kidman's character
  8. Young Kidman

    Young Kidman

    Kidman shortly after she showed up at VILE, roughly 14 years old
  9. Remote View

    Remote View

    Kidman's training as a Remote Viewer resurfaces in ALS
  10. Dazed


    Kidman shortly after the diamond ritual in Cadence
  11. Dawn


    How I envisioned that mask removal scene in ALS. Chase has one too
  12. Nothing But Time

    Nothing But Time

    Kidman in transition to Neb Ullyss, hanging out on her apartment balcony in San Francisco. Takes place around the 'Past Present' journal
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