1. Chase

    Co-Written International Relations [Ivy/Chase]

    Posting a lost co-written journal... This entry took place some time after Paradigm Shift, in November 2012. Major conversations came from a saved chat log (Neutral Grounds), and action scenes were edited by a secret Israeli assassin. South San Francisco - 13:32 hrs. Radio static broke into...
  2. Chase

    Co-Written "Friendly" (Feat. Eartha Brute)

    This snippet was created in April of 2009 but was neither used in an RP or ever published as a journal. Originally intended as a test to co-write something that led into La Vie de Luxe, it was written as a chat and then edited to Chase's point of view. Her eyes were fierce, sharp and piercing...
  3. Eugene

    Co-Written Paper Airplane

    [Featuring Euge and Ivy in an edited live chat. Enjoy!] “Hey Dimwit,” Ivy stomped into the Flight Office and slammed her schedule down on the metal desk, “You printed all my times wrong. What kind of operation do you think you’re running?” Not willing to spin his chair around and face Ivy...
  4. Ivy

    Co-Written Friending

    [Featuring Ivy and Chase in an edited live chat session.] Friending Accolade's external blue tinted windows were constructed of several layers of glass, air, microscopic metallic film, and silicone-based elastomer. Any light that came directly from outside passed through enough particles to...
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