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  • *is back in Ohio, looking forward to a tradition Thanksgiving dinner 🦃, mashed 🥔,🌽, 🥕,🥐, 🥙, with 🍏and pumpkin 🥧, and time spent with family and friends.* 🙂
    *is back in Ohio, getting ready to leave for a very festive Halloween 👻party that plenty of spooky decorations 😈 👺.We'll have foods made with pumpkins as well as 🍏, 🍪, and 🍫.*🙂
    *is tempted to be go to Applebee's later and have a Bourbon Street ? and an Oreo Shake?with Whipped Cream and top--and even do a little dancing ?like in the song ? Fancy Like--even though it's NOT "date night" ?‍❤‍?‍?. ?
    *is trying to remember all the the everyday heroes that made so many sacrifices on 9/11; and hopes that one day soon we will have those feelings of love and unity with all our fellow Americans.* ? ?❤
    *is back home in Ohio, spending her day with family and pets. She had 2 slices of :cheesecake:but no ? yet; but that's OK--no rules on your birthday. ?
    Happy early birthday, Juju!!! Here is a gift card for a free groom for your pets. I hope Velvet loves it :)
    ?And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died ⚰ who gave that right to me. And I'll gladly stand up, next to you and defend her, still, today. Cuz there ain't no doubt, I love this land. God bless ?? the USA!! ?? ?
    *is Elsewhere, in Los Angeles, helping to provide security at the Madcap Hotel ? an immersive role-play attraction for visitors that a fun, safe escape from reality.* ?
    *feels Blessed ? and Proud ? to be an American-- on this day celebrating the creation of the ?? flag--and every day!!
    *considers the lilies ? of the field; they neither toil, nor do they spin; yet ? Solomon in all his glory was not was not arrayed like these. ✝ ? Matt 6, 28-29.
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    Julie Justice
    Julie Justice
    *enjoyed Sidney Portier's Oscar winning performance in the 1963 movie "Lilies of the Field" earlier today.*
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    Invader Invader: That was lovely thanks for sharing it
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