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    (Note to all members of VILE: The following will be progressively implemented after the events of Ultramarine.) 1. Increased defenses for all VILE crafts, especially the MAMBA A) Current Situation: The MAMBA, whilst using biometrics, is still susceptible to theft if someone gains...
  2. Joe Kerr

    Co-Written Planning Committee

    (co-written with @Carmen and @Acton Roux ) The following events happen 1 month after the events of Ultramarine. ‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!’ Flanked by his favourite feline, Joseph Kerr strode briskly through the network of tunnels beneath Stone Harbor. In lieu of his...
  3. Joe Kerr

    Of Kings and Queens

    (all mentions of Carmen have been approved by her writer/author) Of Kings & Queens “Have you ever thought of working in a bigger team?” Willy Kerrigan paused at the seemingly innocuous question; his calculating gaze hovering over the weathered chess board that stood between him and his...
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