valentine's day

  1. Jade


    (I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Dee Cryption whatsoever) (This is not only a crossover, but it's also a Valentine's Day story) Guest Characters from Mega Man NT Warrior 1. Mega Man...
  2. Jade

    Love-bound, Musclebound

    (I don't own the characters: Archie Pelago, Lee Jordan and Eartha Brute whatsoever; This is a Valentine's Day story about brains versus brawn and making sure it's funny not sad) (Part One) ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA The Laboratory Jade Ezell: *after entering the Lab* Spencer...
  3. Jade

    A Date With Trouble

    (I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Archie Pelago, Chase Devineaux, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Patty Larceny, Vic the Slick, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Sven Galli whatsoever...This is a Valentine's Day story nothing wrong just a touch of humor) Prologue ACME Headquarters, San Francisco...
  4. Joe Kerr

    The more things change...

    (The following is in honour of Valentine's Day and everyone's favourite couple) New agents, new technologies Yet the game has never changed New strategies, new targets Yet still ‘cat and mouse’ by any other name Paper has given way to screens Ink replaced by digital text New systems, new...
  5. Jade

    The First Date Setup

    (I don't own characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Zack,Josha,Vic-The-Slick and Patty Larceny whatsoever and no this isn't what you think,everybody this blog is a Valentine's Day one but it's funny I'll tell you all that.) (part one begins) San Francisco,CA,USA ACME...
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