1. Patty

    Q & A Your Relationship with Food

    What's your favorite food? Do you cook, do you only order take-out, do you eat only TV-dinners? What's your breakfast/brunch/lunch/coffee/tea/dinner like? How often do you fast? Share any story about your character and their relationship with food. IC is preferred (because we're character...
  2. Seldavia

    Q & A AMA - Seldavia Mociyambuti

    (Character is transitioning from the old version 20 years ago to one more believable) Background: Grew up in a normal family in a normal city in Missouri, USA. Quickly acquired a penchant for oddness and left home early, legally changing her name from Megan Anderson. Worked her way through...
  3. Patty

    Q & A Little Big Dreams

    Has your character ever had a memorable dream? Have you ever had an in-character dream? What was it like, who was it about, what do you think it meant? I wanted to ask this to everybody's AMA, so I thought I'd put it here so not everyone feels forced to answer. lulz
  4. Chase, Random

    Chase, Random

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