1. Carmen

    Q & A AMA - Carmen Sandiego

    Shall we begin?
  2. Jade

    Q & A AMA- Jade

    Jade Ezell is a free agent and amateur detective who dreams to be an ACME agent even though she born with borderline autism...that doesn't stop her for solving tough clues that VILE left for ACME...want to ask Jade anything? Then is your opportunity to ask her anything.
  3. Seldavia

    Q & A AMA - Seldavia Mociyambuti

    (Character is transitioning from the old version 20 years ago to one more believable) Background: Grew up in a normal family in a normal city in Missouri, USA. Quickly acquired a penchant for oddness and left home early, legally changing her name from Megan Anderson. Worked her way through...
  4. Lee

    Q & A AMA - Lee Jordan

    ((Lee is a little different here than in the WOEICS cartoon that he's based off, but I haven't built him much at all except for giving him a past. Could use all your help. He did leave ACME for VILE, and after being released, was brought back to ACME through Chase Devineaux. That event started...
  5. Shada Steele

    Q & A AMA - Shada Steele

    Ask Shada Steele anything Shada is a tough girl low on love. She doesn't warm up to people easily beings she was left at an orphanage at a very young age. she dose love another Orphan girl who is also working for vile, she calls Charlet Fable her little sister. shada is sassy, athletic and...
  6. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Contessa Adrianna Covrenzi

    Appearance Adrianna has an hourglass figure, and will always wear clothing to accentuate her body shape. She appreciates accessories just as much as fashion and will often wear museum-quality jewelry and furs in addition to her tailored designer wardrobe. Her eyes are lavender and hair is...
  7. Deric Storm

    Q & A AMA - The Farmboy

    Deric Alexander Storm (hey, that’s me) was born in East Meadow, New York as an only child to a history professor father (Tim) and law clerk mother (Madeline or Maddie). While born in New York, he spent his formative years on the Storm family farm in Fairview, Nebraska and considers that ‘home.’...
  8. Victorique

    Q & A AMA- Victorique V. Ivory

    ((Editing Backstory!)) Personality: Charming and boisterous at times, reticent and reserved at others, can easily win a crowd with charm, or a new friend. Might also start a riot with scientific fact. Often becomes melancholic about how small humans are in comparison with the largest known star...
  9. Mikal

    Q & A AMA - Mikal Darsha

    Shalom Friends! ((As I am getting back to knowing all of you (and new people) I would like to also do an AMA. I have shortened my character background here and added points where Mikal has interacted with ACME and VILE, the long version is in my bio and an even longer version is in the wiki.))...
  10. Nevon

    Q & A AMA - Nevon Blair

    Nevon was born in Washington state and was an only child. His father left the family when Nevon was 4 and Nev lived with his grandmother while his mom struggled to work in the day and continued studying at night. She married his stepmother when Nevon was about 9. He loves both his moms very...
  11. Neb

    Q & A AMA - Neb Ullyss/Kid Kidman

    Neb is 5 feet tall, about 7 stone, and looks completely, totally normal, except having grey hair and a face full of scars. She showed up at a VILE safe house when she was roughly 13, unable to talk, emotionally stunted, with no memory of who she was, and just sorta...stayed. She was named Kid...
  12. Claire Yeon

    Q & A AMA - Claire Yeon

    Claire Yeon was born and raised in Queens, New York, to immigrant parents originally from Busan. She is a first-generation American and her parents' only child. The family was not particularly wealthy, but they never lacked for essentials or the occasional treat. While she felt her parents were...
  13. Invader

    Q & A AMA - Invader

    Well Invader is from another dimension, but wound up here during a storm between worlds. They were origonally sent to recover a lost princess from another world, found them, but took her place here to keep this time line intact. They have largely forgotten how they got here, and are still...
  14. Flag

    Q & A AMA - Flag

    Forgive me, but this is going to be way simplified. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. I will answer them as I have the ability to. :) Some IRL History: Flag is a character from the fictional setting of Sivoa, authored by H. Gorlitz Scott and is not normally a part of the Carmen Sandiego...
  15. Patty

    Q & A AMA - Patty Larceny

    Patty has several backstories, the ones that she tells people (about her summers in Greece, her father's fancy cars collection, her mother's shopping spree that closed down Galleries Lafayette), and one that involves a trailer park. The Trailer Park in Ashville Alabama was featured as part of...
  16. Emma Bezzle

    Q & A AMA - Emma Bezzle

    (Jumping on the bandwagon here...) About: Emma was born May 31, 1992 to her parents, Andrew and Susan. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and she grew up with her father just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She never saw her mother after the divorce. Throughout her childhood...
  17. Lucy

    Q & A AMA - Lucy Marie Sanchez

    Lucy was born to a widowed woman named Arista Sanchez, a former ACME agent who left after the tragic loss of her husband also at ACME. From an early age the girl proved she could easily escape her mom, even when adults thought they were watching her well. They moved around a lot because of her...
  18. Eugene

    Q & A AMA - Eugene Grovington

    Evening everyone. Since the trend is to open up with our background some, I suppose I'll get on board as well. My name is Eugene Michael Grovington, currently Chief Pilot at ACME, formerly a private military contractor and a Colonel in the US Marine Corps before that. I spent the early years...
  19. Pitya Ivyr

    Q & A AMA - Ivyr Saalira

    History: Ivyr was born in Dublin, Ireland. When she was 4 her father was in a bad car accident and thus left 4 year-old Ivyr and her mother on their own. They stayed in Dublin for about a year... Where Ivyr took up singing and ballet. They swiftly moved to the US when Ivyr turned 6 years old...
  20. Joe Kerr

    Q & A AMA - Joseph Kerr

    Joe was born to a woman named Lisa Salvatore, in a small town in Northern Italy. Lisa, a single mother, died almost immediately after childbirth due to a combination of malnutrition and procedural complications. Before she died, she managed to name her son after the hospital - St Joseph's. The...
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