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  • Hey, Invader, Happy Birthday, I hope you like bugs and Pokémon, I want you to enjoy these bug-type Pokémon plushies I pick out for you.

    *Place a Butterfree, Genesct, Ariados, Venonat, Pinsir, Dustox, Beautifly, Weedle, Heracross and Scyther plushies so that way Invader will be playing or sleeping with them*
    Hey, Invader, Happy Birthday, I haven't seen you in a long time, so enjoy your special day. *Place a pocketbook about insects*
    *leaves a stocking full of dark chocolate for @Invader * (Inside she'll find two chocolate oranges and many dark chocolate bars) Merry Christmas, my friend!
    Happy Birthday, Invader! *Puts down a box containing a robotic version of a tarantula and a card she wrote 'Happy Birthday, Invader! I hope you like this pet I wish I would've found a real tarantula otherwise everybody will get scared, and Chase might step on it, okay?' and leaves. *
    *leaves @Invader a card that says," Little Miss Muffet 👸Sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey 🥣 Along came a 🕷🕸 who sat down beside her and wished her a wished her a Happy 🥳 Birthday🎂!!"
    Merry Christmas Invader! *gifts Trick Kunai set*. Every bee needs stingers and these do everything from deploying smoke grenades to stunning Vile henchmen that make contact with them. They can be thrown at targets or used up close to poke criminals since they don't have sharp edges.
    Happy Birthday Invader! *drop off a box containing a charm bracelet with a ? charm, a ? charm, a ladybug charm, a ? charm and a ? charm on to the bracelet.*
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    Lucy Lucy: Today I learned....The real name for a hashtag is an octothorpe.
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