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So you want to be an Agent?
[Sign up here!]

Step 1: Read! Read! Read!
  • A large part of this site is the interactive fiction and universe that we share. To enjoy it, you'll need to understand some of this by reading through the previous RPs or, for your convenience, browse through our Wiki. If you plan to Role Play, be sure to read the rules.

Step 2: Get Creative
  • Register, then fill in your Character's Profile.
  • Create, innovate, and build an agent. Think about them fitting into either ACME or V.I.L.E. Once you have a backstory; sign up, and start filling in your profile.
  • Need an avatar? Try our Avatar Maker

Step 3: Socialize
  • Time to join either ACME or VILE! Apply in "Introductions"
  • This is where you'll meet fellow agents, senior officers, and members from both sides. You can even attract the attention of ACME's Chase Devineaux or The Elusive Carmen Sandiego herself.
  • This is the last step to your application process. Once your character and profile are approved, you're ready to play!

What now?
Get to know some of the other community members, then search for open threads to start Role Playing with them. There's a spot for everyone, and when in doubt feel free to ask for help. Remember to stay respectful and take responsibility for your own work.

All the best!
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