original art

  1. Movie Night

    Movie Night

    I named this work 'Movie Night' on a whim, also because I think I was inspired by the entire thing. This was an ink and color to test out some new features in a software, and I'm going to go ahead and dedicate this to @[377:@Jacqueline Hyde]. Thanks for Movie Nights.
  2. Weekend


    This was Ivy Monaghan, pouring beer into a wine glass. I attributed this to Jacqueline Hyde's movie nights.
  3. La Notre Dame

    La Notre Dame

    I was alone in Paris, and was in a mood, so I created something. I sketched out la Notre Dame de Paris while in front of her, then added the figures later. This one was trapped in my head for a while, glad it's finally out.
  4. Trigger


    I was experimenting on an early ipad and nothing was available except basic colors. Transported it later into Photoshop for details. The squares aren't all even, irrelevant, but figured I'd mention.
  5. Anime Patts

    Anime Patts

    Created for Patty a while ago.
  6. Patty in Blue

    Patty in Blue

Neutral Grounds
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