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  • found out that her uncle (on her father's side of the family) well passed away yesterday while still living in Michigan (well that's what her father told her today)
    helps her mother after she lock herself out of her own house by a copied house key her mother gave her thirteen years ago.
    reminding herself and others to set their own clocks backwards Saturday night and she knows why.
    hopefully we can get rid of daylight savings internationally soon, since it isn't needed any longer.
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    ? because she just found that WITWICS? has been inducted into this year's World Video Game Hall of Fame three months ago (that was the same time she was in hiatus)
    *currently leaving a rosemary plant outside the front door with little note: Hello, Friend! I hope you're well, I've been a little worried since I haven't seen you around. Please enjoy this non-toxic plant for you and your kitty as a gift. Hope to see you soon. -Lucy
    knows she exactly how Queen Victoria feels losing Prince Albert to typhoid on December 14,1861 after she found out this morning that happened when Queen Elizabeth the second loses Prince Philip. (no joke whatsoever)
    *leaves a ? with some goodies. For Jade, a nice card with Easter greetings; a Ghiradelli gift card so she can get whatever ? she likes and for the ?s, 2 $20 gift cards from PetCo., and 2 toy catnip? and 2 catnip ? (so they don't have to share).* ?
    her house ? is out of control because of the virus pop-ups are back after the membership from a company that handles an anti-virus has expired hopefully someone will get it fixed before it's too late.
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    Invader Invader: That was lovely thanks for sharing it
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