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  1. Claire Avalon

    Going Home Again

    Claire watched the pale blue glow of the alarm clock as it turned from 2:13 to 2:14am. Her body was frozen still under the covers and her breathing methodically slow, but she was wide awake. The room, the bed, everything felt foreign even if at one time it had been hers. The modern, clean...
  2. Vic

    Archived La Vie de Luxe - Oh Canada!

    ((This RP was first written in 2011, as epilogue to La Vie de Luxe.)) [OOC: This RP is a sub game, and follows all the rules of La Vie de Luxe, except this one takes place in Canada, it will join with La Vie de Luxe in the end.] Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery in Montreal, Canada Vic and a...
  3. Carmen

    A Siberian Lesson

    Something enlightening happened to me along the tracks of the Trans-Siberian. Awaiting departure from Sverdlovsk station, I was in my seat, reading an English-translated copy of 'Crime and Punishment'. Gratifyingly, I discovered the 1938 edition inside a used bookshop in Yekaterinburg. I was...
  4. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction A very Secret Santa

    ACME HQ, San Francisco, CA The second floor of Accolade consisted almost entirely of multi-purposed function rooms; each room was segregated by soundproof partitions which could be removed to create a huge, exhibition hall-sized venue for larger events. A pair of black pumps graced the rich...
  5. Chase

    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 4]

    [Previously...] 9:08 AM Somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Chase woke at 6:00 AM and immediately read the previous day’s reports. He reviewed the news, checked messages from international contacts, and completed a 2-hour morning routine. A double shot of espresso later, he...
  6. Carmen

    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 3]

    [Previous Chapter] A month later, perhaps two… Buenos Aires, Argentina Slums littered this city, but most of Argentina’s wealthy lived like kings. The hacienda sprawled along a cliff-side beach complete with a Venetian glass mosaic pool, a hedge maze, statue-lined fountains and other such...
  7. Chase

    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 2]

    [Previously...] Later… [Still at] Tarragon, St. Paul’s Bay, Malta For the rest of the meal, she was quiet. The food came and went, and both of them declined dessert. Chase because he didn’t like them and his guest, well, because she wasn’t feeling it. He was terrible with smalltalk, so he...
  8. Chase

    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 1]

    [Co-written and edited to Chase’s point of view.] Some time, now or never… Tarragon, St. Paul’s Bay, Malta Chase Devineaux took a flight from San Francisco to Milan, a train to Naples, a car to Salerno and then boarded a boat to St. Paul’s Bay in Malta. Granted, he took the long route, but he...
  9. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction It's funny how things work out

    It’s funny how things work out thought Chase Devineaux to himself with a wry smile. When he retired from ACME 15 years ago he certainly did not foresee himself as a wold class winemaker, cruising down the A84 in a custom built Black Porsche Cayman. A brief twinge of melancholy hit home as he...
  10. Lee

    Advanced Ultramarine

    This thread is for story-telling only. Some posts may include adult themes and language, reader discretion is advised. This RP is not open to new participants. We're doing the 3/7 rule: 3 days to inform, 7 days to move on. Normal RP rules apply. (More info to be given in Neutral Grounds...
  11. Joe Kerr

    The more things change...

    (The following is in honour of Valentine's Day and everyone's favourite couple) New agents, new technologies Yet the game has never changed New strategies, new targets Yet still ‘cat and mouse’ by any other name Paper has given way to screens Ink replaced by digital text New systems, new...
  12. Joe Kerr

    An endless dance

    (this short story is in celebration of Carmen's birthday. Enjoy) Mont St Michel Two figures sat across from each other at a small table in a quaint little cafe; for the longest time they sat in amiable silence, enjoying the serenity of their surroundings. A knowing waiter brought out their...
  13. Chase

    Open New Year Tidings 2016

    Welcome to the New Year's game. This is an open RP Premise: New Year 2016 (After January 1, 2016) Idea: What your character has been doing, or have done for the holiday season. Basic RP rules apply. Take it slow, no need to spin any stories, just focus on character interaction. Enjoy!
  14. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction Happy Thanksgiving

    (the following is a fan-fiction in honour of Thanksgiving. Enjoy) A VILE Thanksgiving Thursdays at Stone Harbour were like Thursdays at any other quaint little English town, slow and dull. The centre of activity in the town, the theatre, was usually closed on said day for rehearsals and ‘other...
  15. Joe Kerr

    Tides of Deception

    (Hi everyone, this is a fanfiction combining elements of the 'Where in the World' and 'Where on Earth' canons as well as some TECs flair. Canon characters from both universes will be featured in some capacity. Hope you like. Note: Updates may be slow coming) Chapter 1: A storm is a-brewing...
  16. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction Miracles do happen

    (Hi all, I'm back with another fanfiction. This one is a film noir type story about you know who. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - Joe Kerr) Miracles do happen... It all started when she walked into my office. She sashayed in with all the flair and panache one would expect from...
  17. Chase

    Open ACME Retro

    This thread is an Alternate Universe, meaning it happens in its own timeline and timeframe. Points All characters are approximately 10 years younger than they ‘currently’ are now. Technology and mode remains the same, feel free to use your cell phones and hover boards. Accolade is our tower...
  18. Joe Kerr

    What she knows

    What she knows Being the personal secretary of the ACME Director of Operations, Renee St Clair knows many things. She knows how to type 120 words per minute whilst answering a phone call in 15 different languages. She knows how to brew one of the best coffees in the world, and how much...
  19. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction Carmen's Legacy

    The following is a FanFiction based mainly on the WOEICS cartoon series. Hope you guys get the references and enjoy it. (Note: Kleenex recommended for front part of the story) Carmen's Legacy Ever since the incident with Lee in the Forbidden City, it had dawned on all...
  20. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction Valentine's Day 2014

    This poem is written in dedication to Valentine's Day 2014 and our favourite couple/non-couple. Enjoy! Our yearly tradition, our annual dance Once again begins anew The setting has remained unchanged The promise still ever true On the isle of Mont St Michel At our pre-appointed place I await...
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