auld lang syne

  1. Dawn


    This was a collaboration with @[21:@Neb] a while back, on a story that has now been scrapped. It was great while it lasted. --- The Director pulled against the mask lightly, and it surrendered without protest. Beneath was a face full of worries and oddly placed scars, but otherwise no real...
  2. Chase

    Co-Written Shoot House

    [This journal entry is part of the Auld Lang Syne - Seraphim storyline. Credits: Chase Deinveaux, Eugene Grovington, Mikal Darsha] ACME Training Grounds Alameda After eleven months of rearranging for countless raids, the forest of plywood and sheet metal occupying one...
  3. Translate


    Kidman's Remote Viewing in ALS
  4. Remote View

    Remote View

    Kidman's training as a Remote Viewer resurfaces in ALS
  5. Dawn


    How I envisioned that mask removal scene in ALS. Chase has one too
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