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  1. Ménage à Chase

    Ménage à Chase

    In reference to a Quiplash game played against me and Claire.
  2. orbs.jpg


  3. loot.jpg


  4. Where in Time Is GLaDOS?

    Where in Time Is GLaDOS?

    re: Carmen's voiceover on the Trail of Time in Where in Time s1
  5. Keep on trying till you run out of cake

    Keep on trying till you run out of cake

  6. Glenemmarie


    I've stopped trying to make "Glemmarie" happen. It's not going to happen.
  7. chianti.jpg


  8. suspicious.jpg


  9. karman.jpg


  10. Destination: Hell

    Destination: Hell

  11. facebook ban

    facebook ban

    That time Chase got banned from facebook
  12. Power of Circles

    Power of Circles

  13. Like a priestess

    Like a priestess

    The origin of my nickname. Thanks to @[1:@Chase] both for the nickname and for finding and screenshotting this.
  14. Director? Perhaps.

    Director? Perhaps.

  15. Chains


    “I love you, baby... I’m in chains” - Tina Arena, “Chains,” 1994
  16. Diamond saliva

    Diamond saliva

    re: Paper Star's supernaturally sharp origami
  17. Canon relationships

    Canon relationships

  18. Palate cleanser

    Palate cleanser

  19. Abandonment Issues

    Abandonment Issues

    This was sometime during Halloween last year, a bunch of us decided to change our avatars in Hangouts for fun, I completely forgot this happened, but I think Neb might have saved it. Thanks for that.
  20. Trigger


    I was experimenting on an early ipad and nothing was available except basic colors. Transported it later into Photoshop for details. The squares aren't all even, irrelevant, but figured I'd mention.
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