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  3. Joe Kerr

    Red and Black

    (Note: The following poem is loosely inspired by the 'Red and Black' song from Les Miserables. Treat it as a trailer for what is to come in Ultramarine. WARNING: May contain spoilers :P) RED It is the color of the skies bearing witness this day And the rivers of blood flowing through...
  4. Lee

    Advanced Ultramarine

    This thread is for story-telling only. Some posts may include adult themes and language, reader discretion is advised. This RP is not open to new participants. We're doing the 3/7 rule: 3 days to inform, 7 days to move on. Normal RP rules apply. (More info to be given in Neutral Grounds...
  5. Joe Kerr

    Tides of Deception

    (Hi everyone, this is a fanfiction combining elements of the 'Where in the World' and 'Where on Earth' canons as well as some TECs flair. Canon characters from both universes will be featured in some capacity. Hope you like. Note: Updates may be slow coming) Chapter 1: A storm is a-brewing...
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