Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni?

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Lucy wrote on Ivy's profile.
Happy Birthday, Ivy!!! :)
Jade wrote on Ivy's profile.
Happy Birthday, Ivy! *Leaves a box containing a new pair of Mixed Martial Arts sparring set (gloves, helmet and rash guards) * I've figure you need new ones after your old ones got worn out!
It's been one week since we had to help my sweet cat Mable leave this world after 16.5 years. I've never known grief like this.
Lucy wrote on anya's profile.
Happy Birthday, @anya 🎈 🧁 🎁 Hope you have a wonderful one! (hugs)
*is having a bowl of Khao soi (🍚, 🥥, and🥚🍜in a clear broth topped with minced 🐖 and 🍅 sauce) while 👀 the 🏮 Festival in Chaing Mai 🇹🇭 hoping for blessings.*😇
Julie Justice wrote on Lucy's profile.
*leaves Lucy some Mulligatawny 🐓Soup, 🥣 Naan (flatbread) hot Chai tea🍵, a 🥭 lassi (yogurt smoothie) from Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House and a small bag of 🍯 flavored cough drops. * 🙂
Currently reviewing Interrogation video of detective Ivy and Alice Liddell…
is not happy again because after watching a pair of fossil fuel protesters throws mashed potatoes on a Monet painting in Germany.
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