Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni?

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... I have no idea if these postings are being read. Am I alone in being excited Shattered is now longer than Vocal Canvases in length? The end still feels aways in sight for writing it. ... I really hope this story doesn't dud. To me it feels like every time I try to please people, I fail.
knows she exactly how Queen Victoria feels losing Prince Albert to typhoid on December 14,1861 after she found out this morning that happened when Queen Elizabeth the second loses Prince Philip. (not joke whatsoever)
*is at home in Ohio, having some leftover 🍠, mashed 🥔, 🥔 salad and 🥐 from Easter and will probably have some small 🍫🥚and 🍫🐇 later. Is sill feeling 😇🙏.*
Julie Justice wrote on Jade's profile.
*leaves a 🧺 with some goodies. For Jade, a nice card with Easter greetings; a Ghiradelli gift card so she can get whatever 🍫 she likes and for the 🐱s, 2 $20 gift cards from PetCo., and 2 toy catnip🐁 and 2 catnip 🐦 (so they don't have to share).* 🙂
None of you have any interest at all in what I have to say anymore right? 😞
Trying to get in perfect health and shape for a heist
her house 🖥 is out of control because of the virus pop-ups are back after the membership from a company that handles an anti-virus has expired hopefully someone will get it fixed before it's too late.
I'm now 67 pages into writing Shattered and I still don't see finishing writing it in the immediate future. This story is going to be longer than Vocal Canvases. ( Editing in: looking back at earlier posts. This wasn't intentional. I posted an update when Vocal Canvases hit the same page count. ... guess that's just the mark that tells me a lot has been written. 😶 )
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    Lucy Lucy: Why did the nurse need a red pen? A: in case she wanted to draw blood.
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