Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni?

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Ah, I feel like punching my PC.
*does little research, and found that Sweetest Day originated in the Midwestern US--Cleveland, Ohio to be exact--in October, 1921. Some people may say the day was only created to sell more 🌹and 💝 but any day that reminds us to tell people we care about them is a good thing. Happy Sweetest Day to all my friends at ACME and VILE.* 🙂
Julie Justice wrote on Flossie Fair.E's profile.
Hello Flossie. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday today. 🎂 🍨 🙂
Julie Justice wrote on Charlet's profile.
Happy Birthday, my young VILE friend. 🎂 🍨 I hope you're having a great, fun day today. Here is a little gift of 📔and 🖊so that you can continue to ✍ all your great adventures. 🙂
Jade wrote on Charlet's profile.
Happy Birthday Charlet! Me and my cat got you 'the pick of the litter' *Her 🙀,Sam just got chase up to the 🌳by a female Yorkshire Terrier barking at him*
Her name is Rosy!
Happy Birthday Charlet. Here is a shiny new toy bunny :)
Everly wrote on Charlet's profile.
Happy Birthday Charlet
*Sees a wolf running around Outside vile*


I can’t move I’m afraid
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