jacqueline hyde

  1. loot.jpg


  2. Where in Time Is GLaDOS?

    Where in Time Is GLaDOS?

    re: Carmen's voiceover on the Trail of Time in Where in Time s1
  3. Keep on trying till you run out of cake

    Keep on trying till you run out of cake

  4. Glenemmarie


    I've stopped trying to make "Glemmarie" happen. It's not going to happen.
  5. Destination: Hell

    Destination: Hell

  6. Like a priestess

    Like a priestess

    The origin of my nickname. Thanks to @[1:@Chase] both for the nickname and for finding and screenshotting this.
  7. Director? Perhaps.

    Director? Perhaps.

  8. Chains


    “I love you, baby... I’m in chains” - Tina Arena, “Chains,” 1994
  9. Canon relationships

    Canon relationships

  10. Sit down, soldier

    Sit down, soldier

    "These are facts... that I know... but then she put it into a way that made what I said earlier wrong. This doesn't make any sense."
  11. Medieval AU

    Medieval AU

    This took a long time to screenshot and stitch together. Worth it.
  12. Jacqueline Hyde

    Q & A AMA - Jacqueline Hyde

    From my profile: Character Background: Jacqueline was a Catholic schoolgirl in the 1970s Midwest, suffering from an existential case of ennui, when she crossed paths with Carmen, on her way back to the present following a heist in the 19th century. Unbeknownst to her (though known all too well...
  13. Patty

    VILE Eudaimonia

    Eudaimonia: A Greek word commonly translated as happiness or welfare; however, "human flourishing or prosperity" has been proposed as a more accurate translation. This is a VILE-only game It's free-form, so write whatever to build a story We're in Greece, specifically starting in Mykanos Your...
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