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I had two dreams this morning that were related to Carmen.

The first was OOC, I guess (It seemed like it was IRL) was like a scavenger hunt/role play type thing, the purpose of which was to fin/catch someone who was playing Carmen; there were some scenic park-like areas, at one point; but it also seemed that were were in a ,larger city than I am from. Could have been New York or Cleveland, Ohio. I think Lucy was there with me, because I think I remember talking to someone I knew.

The host or MC or whatever of this game looked very much like Chase.

My friend and and I got very close to catching Carmen; but I don't know if we did or not--because then I woke up.

I looked at the time on the cordless phone by my bed. It was around 6:20 a.m. 🙂


I had another dream this morning about Carmen. It was animated, and in the style of the WoEiCS? cartoon. In this dream, someone from ACME had stolen a high-tech gadget from Carmen.

This was the most high-tech and to-secret of all Carmen's gadgets: it affected the way Carmen saw herself. Apparently, the way we all see Carmen---the way Carmen sees herself--as a confident, intelligent, criminal mastermind between 30-40 yrs old, in the red hat and coat, is all an illusion created by this device. She has the intelligence--but not the confidence or the style she is known for.

Somehow, ACME learned about this (I think it was from us, wondering where Carmen went, and was she was around to chase, but I'm not 100% sure now; someone at VILE could have contacted us, too). When ACME learned of this device, we encouraged her to come back to us, telling her she still had the intelligence; but Carmen didn't because she no longer believed that she could.

Feeling very bad at what was happening to Carmen ACME tried to give the gadget back to Carmen; but it no longer worked. So ACME and VILE teamed up to see if we could create a new one for her. But, it didn't work. In fact, it worked in reverse, and made Carmen even younger; so that Carmen was about the age of Ivy, and was on her way to becoming the age of Zack.

Then I woke up; and looked at the cordless phone by my bed; and it was 9:20 am, so I decided to get up. 🙂

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