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  2. Talk to the Emoticons

    Talk to the Emoticons

    DetectiveAwesome (Zack) and Patty had a conversation back in Flash Chat. (The date stamp on this was Oct 14, 2009.)
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    Anime Patts

    Created for Patty a while ago.
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  8. Patty

    Q & A AMA - Patty Larceny

    Patty has several backstories, the ones that she tells people (about her summers in Greece, her father's fancy cars collection, her mother's shopping spree that closed down Galleries Lafayette), and one that involves a trailer park. The Trailer Park in Ashville Alabama was featured as part of...
  9. Patty

    VILE Eudaimonia

    Eudaimonia: A Greek word commonly translated as happiness or welfare; however, "human flourishing or prosperity" has been proposed as a more accurate translation. This is a VILE-only game It's free-form, so write whatever to build a story We're in Greece, specifically starting in Mykanos Your...
  10. Lee

    Closed Ultramarine

    This thread is for story-telling only. Some posts may include adult themes and language, reader discretion is advised. We're doing the 3/7 rule: 3 days to inform, 7 days to move on. Normal RP rules apply. (More info to be given in Neutral Grounds chat.) The Story So Far: Kidman/Flag/Joe -->...
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