1. The Rouge and the Wolf- Chapter 1 Page 1

    The Rouge and the Wolf- Chapter 1 Page 1

    Pilot chapter for "The Rouge and the Wolf" is a crossover comic for Carmen Sandiego Netflix and Lupin the 3rd.
  2. Jon Eckart

    ACME ACME office pranks

    ((Feel free to add at any point throughout this topic any pranks you feel are office appropriate, and if you use someone else's name, get permission if you please)) About four months after starting at the Agency, I decided to prank a random agent. Once I figured out who it would be, I got a bag...
  3. Jon Eckart

    Sports at ACME

    ((OOC: Anyone from ACME can add to this, just try to stick to the rules about including someone else’s name and the other posting guidelines. This is purely experimental, and if it takes off, maybe it could be a bigger thing; and, if not, no big deal.)) ((Also OOC: The WiFi I’m connected...
  4. Seldavia

    Q & A AMA - Seldavia Mociyambuti

    (Character is transitioning from the old version 20 years ago to one more believable) Background: Grew up in a normal family in a normal city in Missouri, USA. Quickly acquired a penchant for oddness and left home early, legally changing her name from Megan Anderson. Worked her way through...
  5. ACME Compound, San Francisco (Pre-Accolade)

    ACME Compound, San Francisco (Pre-Accolade)

    This was the original 16-story ACME building, prior to its theft. The compound includes the 3-story ACME Medical Center (AMC) with helipad and ACME campus in the distance. Across the bay is Alameda Airfield.
  6. Chase

    Q & A AMA - Chase Devineaux

    Starting with a random idea in site chat, this is a character-based Ask Me Anything. Anyone, any character, can start one. I'm posting the background from Chase's profile. I've built this character for the past decade, about time to test if the info makes sense. --- BACKGROUND (Currently...
  7. Accolade


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