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(There is no way this Secret Santa could work completely IC... so here is a semi-AU version.)

When considering a gift for @Flag, Ivy briefly considered signing him up for a cuddle party so he would soften up, luckily logic prevailed.

To the mysterious man she had met in Kamchatka, only the very practical made sense. Her gift would be a bottle of single malt whiskey and an ear-hiding dark blue fedora. Both items sent with hopes that his current path would keep him out of trouble, though it was highly unlikely.
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That's nice for Julie to give me that (I wish it was a cat statue but it'll do I just put in my house in a safe place on top of the bookcase.)

Anyway I've got a gift for your sister,Zack...

@Ivy I hope you can speak another language because I've got you a DVD-ROM and a CD set of different languages for beginners it's like Rosetta Stone only it's not it's called Level One but it'll do...
(The languages are Spanish/Latin American,French,Italian,German,Mandarin Chinese,Dutch,Filipino/Tagalog,Greek,Japanese and Portuguese/Brazil )
I've figure something nice and something logical might come in handy for you.
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Ennai walked in with a skip in her step, cheeks slightly reddened by the cold, and smiling brightly. She had spent a solid hour wrapping the bottle of whiskey she had bought Chase. It was wrapped in brown paper folded over so that it fit snuggly around the bottle showing clearly that it was liquor. It was ornamented with garland tied on with a course string, with small pine cones and cranberries sewn in. She had topped it with a cheesy plastic Christmas star. "Merry-" she faltered for a moment looking around at the presents already given, and then laughed. "Merry Christmas, guys. Merry Christmas, Chase," she said giving him a cheek kiss and gripping his arm warmly. She held up the bottle and wiggled it, brows raised and grinning sardonically. "Can you guess what I got you?" She handed him the bottle of 40 year-old scotch whiskey. "I swear, this is the only time of the year you guys'll have to deal with me being this sentimental, but I'm really glad I'm here to celebrate with you all."
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Since I've give Ivy her gift here's a gift for Chase...Just in case of a sandstorm or going undercover(a tactical desert scarf).

a gift for Lee...this will match his choker except it's going to be his wrist (a genuine leather surfer's bracelet with a silver Maui inspired bead)

a gift for Kidman...something to wear for her feet (a pair of sneakers with a pair of socks and a pair of flip-flops)

a gift for Invader...for a book lover I hope she likes Hans Christian Andersen (a charm bracelet that has the Little Mermaid,the snowflake from the Snow Queen,the pea from the Princess and the Pea,the swallow bird from Thumbelina and the heart from the Steadfast Tin Solider).

And for you Zack, your favorite color and food (three flavors of Bacon Jerky: Maple Brown Sugar,Hickory Smoked and Applewood Smoked and a brown silk necktie.)

*As Jade looks at the goodies Invader brought for everybody.* (What goodies did you bring,Invader?)
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Deric walked into the ACME Medical Center for the first time as a non-patient. He approached the front desk and asked the attendant "Excuse me, is Dr. Conrad available?"

"I'm sorry, Detective," the attendant answered, "she's off for the holiday."

"Figured as much," Deric said, pulling an envelope out of his coat and handing it to the attendant, "could you make sure she gets this when she comes back?"

"Of course."

For all the grief Dr. Conrad put up with on a daily basis as one of ACME's chief physicians, Deric knew she was probably in need of a stress relief. That was why he got her a gift certificate for the "Goddess Treatment" package at Earthbody, a premier day spa in San Francisco.


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For Kidman, I've been trying to devise the best way to deliver a chicken army unto you. *points out the window at a newly built chicken coop*

I tried to get them to sit on the roombas, but they wouldn't cooperate, so... *puts stuffed chickens on top of the roombas*
Nace headed into his apartment shortly after the mystery parcel from Flagg (@Heather) had arrived. Goliath barked sharply as he arrived.

"Will you bloody relax." Nace commented as he opened the door to see his German Shepherd having woke up during the nap he had taken when Nace had gone outside to call his parents back in South Africa as well as give Molly a quick call when she was in Ukraine.

While he did miss his liefde (Afrikaans for 'my love') while she was gone, he ruefully accepted the axiom absence makes the heart grow fonder. She had gone off to see her grandmother in Ukraine.

She had given him his Christmas present early, having wrapped it and left him a 'Do not open until Christmas' notice with it before she'd left earlier in the week, and smiled about it.

He recalled the goodbye kiss he and Molly had shared before she headed into security and smiled. He opened the first gift, from the mystery sender first, if for nothing else to satiate his curiosity. John Le Carre's Call for the Dead stared back up at him.

He smiled, that would be a cracking good read, a Cold War spy thriller, while he waited for Molly to call back, having gotten her voice mail. She had loved the medium sized angel statue he had bought for her rooftop garden after Goliath had decided to take an extended nap on her flower bed after rolling around in the lavenders.

He turned his attention to the present from @Molly and opened it to find a leather bound copy of the Divine Comedy in both English and Italian.

"Come boy, let's go for a walk." Nace said, as he grabbed Goliath's leash, intending to thank both the anonymous gift giver an his girlfriend for their respective gifts.

(Approved Character Mention: Molly)
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Lee went up to the locker rooms and put an envelope in Deric's box. Inside is the gift and a note:

"Kinda knew you were a history major, but saw you got a thing for sports too. Instead of the original newspaper article from London of the titanic sinking, I got you a gen-u-ine gift certificate to the NFL Shop.

Your S. Santa, Lee..

P.S. Man, if you still want the newspaper clipping, I can bring it by Monday, not in great condition tho."


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As with annual tradition, Doctor Sophie Conrad had left San Francisco to return to Maine and be with her family for the holiday season. Her gifts had been despatched via courier service and would arrive at the mailing addresses of their respective recipients on the morning of Christmas day. When she returned to the ACME Medical Center on the Sunday following, there was a collection of brightly marked items artfully crammed into her pigeonhole and amongst it was the Earthbody voucher from one Deric Storm.

A month later, a square-shaped Polaroid snapshot would be slotted into his locker. On its front were the laughing faces of the doctor and Commander Ivy Monaghan, the storefront of Earthbody apparent behind their shoulders; on its back, in blue-coloured Sharpie ink, Sophie had penned succinct words in neat cursive: Thank you.
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@Julie Justice would receive her gift, one Nace had bought at one of four places he would regularly frequent, in this case his local bookstore. Having found out the daughter of two law enforcement officers was who he was to serve as a 'Secret Santa' for he had found something he thought appropriate.

The gift of knowledge is always a valued gift, so he giftwrapped the hardcover edition of A Cop's Life: True Stories from Behind the Badge, an anthology of law enforcement stories written by a Las Vegas Police Department sergeant before placing it under the Christmas Tree the ACME Detectives had set up at the office.
Why does it always seem like the CLOSER you live to someone...the LESS OFTEN it is that you see them?...and the CLOSER you live to them..the LATER you end up staying at their house? !! Once again, I am up much too late!! LOL!!

Thank you very much@Nace Bilby for the very cool book. I'm sure I will love it. I've really enjoyed working with you in the ACME Retro role play too. I was watching an episode of a show called "Flashpoint" about a fictional SWAT team unit, that I always thought was supposed to be based in Seattle (but I think it was filmed in Toronto). They were trying to disarm a bomb with a mercury tilt switch ans I started to laugh a little, cuz now I know what that is!! Haha. I think they used acetone (nail polish remover) and dry ice to freeze the switch, before cutting the wires on the bomb. Oh, and for the record, my mother was both a park ranger and a police officer, as are many people we know. Thanks again. :)
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