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  • Happy Birthday, Lee! It's me, Jade and I hope these will help upgrade your Suzuki Bandit...*place a ? containing an exhaust muffler, an engine motor transmission, windshields, fairings and a manual book about Suzuki Bandit by Clymer.*
    Merry Christmas Lee! * leaves him a men's cologne sampler set: blue sage and tonka bean, juniper berry and sandalwood, cedarwood and geranium and spiced ginger and rum and a book called Stuff You Should Know: An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant and a monthly subscription to craft beer club.
    Hey Lee Happy Thanksgiving! *leaves a smoked ?? and a bottle of :beer: from South Korea called 'The Emperor's :beer:*
    Lee,I'm sorry to give my Christmas present to you yesterday...enjoy! *leaving him with The Perfectly Useless Book of Useless Information by Don Voorhees.*
    Happy Birthday Lee Jordan! I hope you'll like these presents I've got you: a bottle of West Coast style IPA beer and a Magnetic Shark Repellent Surfer's Bracelet (Just in case you go surfing this bracelet will protect you from a shark attack).
    If you had a friend name Brock
    You and him would be Brock a lee

    *runs away*
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    Brock a Lee?!?! Sounds like a veggie pun name...no offense,Lee!
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