Co-Written Halloween Party - Nace and Molly


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Note: This is a co-written journal with @Nace Bilby -- originally meant to be a post for a Halloween Party RP. It takes place several months after the Rio Carnival, when the two characters are in a more steady relationship.


Nace Bilby had no idea his jaw was figuratively about to hit the floor when he parked the jeep in the parking lot of Molly’s apartment complex. He had chosen to go as a 1930s era explorer, wearing khakis with a vaguely military air to them, but harkening back to the film, the Mummy in terms of appearance and function.

He had gone up the steps and lightly rapped on Molly’s door. And it would be when he laid eyes on her Halloween Costume that was the moment it happened.

Although Molly knew exactly what Nace was going to wear to the party, it took her weeks to find the right complimentary costume. Like anyone in a new relationship she wanted to impress her boyfriend, and if fiction served as a good reference point, there was nothing that would catch a desert explorer’s eye more than a mysterious belly dancer.

Opening the door, she gave a theatrical bow. The dark purple dress shifted around her, and a few gold sparkles caught the light. With a classic move, she swayed her hips in opposition to her shoulders.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Mr. Bilby,” she flirted from under a thin veil, then smiled. “Come to save me from the evil Sultan?”

It was as she answered the door that Nace’s jaw practically hit the ground. He managed to nod his head. My God she looks amazing.

Nace’s eyes took in his girlfriend in her costume. The thing she had been oh-so-secretive about till All Hallow’s Eve. Her hair was up in a high ponytail, her top consisted of well more than a sparkly bra in purple, but still was enough to be enticing. And a layered skirt covered her legs.

She did a full turn, in a graceful billow of skirts and veils. Throughout that time Nace was virtually speechless.

Getting the reaction she wanted, Molly paused to look Nace over. She reached up and removed his hat to catch a glimpse of his eyes, at the same time she pressed the tip of her index finger under his chin to close his jaw.

“Going to stick with the strong, silent hero archetype then?”

Nace smiled, “Well, I’ll say the captive courtesan of the evil Sultan does have quite an entrancing look about her.”

He smiled and said, “And yes, I’ve come to save you from the evil needn’t be part of his harem any longer.”

He had seen the paperback Molly had on her shelf the last time he’d been over and even read a few pages into it. All about the adventures of a young woman who had fallen into the clutches of an evil Sultan in 1930s era Egypt. Barring the obvious historical inaccuracies Molly clearly seemed to enjoy the book.

“Lovely costume inspired by a favorite book, I must say.” Nace grinned.

“I’m glad you like it,” Molly returned the hat to its owner, then pulled him into a kiss. “Now come along, explorer. We’re going to be late for a party.”

Nace kissed her, closing his eyes, pulling her close to him, his arms around her waist, hands converging at the small of her back as he pulled her against him.

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