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Hello ACME Players.

I'm doing an interest check to revive Nevon's old ACME dorms RP. For those of you who don't know the thread was here (ACME Dorm RPG :: The Elusive Carmen Sandiego Forum with a discussion thread here (Nevon needs a roomie :: The Elusive Carmen Sandiego Forum

What I propose:
Very casual ongoing dorm RP with occasional time skips and special events. I'd like there to be a mix of new members and established members in the dorms. It can be used as a nice pick-up-and-play thread for newbies who don't have an introduction story.

Room Reservation and Roommate Requests will all be in the discussion thread attached.

Post below if this is something you would be interested in, or if you just got an idea that you need to share.


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Sorry bunker bros, but I've already found a place of my own. You're welcome to couch surf a night or two if dorm life gets too stifling.

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