The night Charlet met Carmen.


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It was about 6 years ago. although I could not recall the exact year.

I was a runaway living off of what I could get my hands on. I been living like that for three years and grew quite a reputation for being a con artist whom traveled state to state by hitchhiking and usually as far as my little feet could walk.

During one of my normadic wanderings of the country I got stuck in a cruel and deadly winter storm. I happened to have follow a certain thief; that I grew an obsession with to one of her hideouts.

I was starving and freezing to death as I hurriedly looked for shelter from a horrible blizzard.

I remember feeling nothing in my fingertips and my ankles felt like I had cement blocks on them.

I kept pushing through inches of snow and eventually, I came across a mansion with the lights on. I could see the warmth and my rescue from this icy demise

I knew it wasn't wise to break into her home without permission.

But I was quickly losing consciousness as I marched onward.

I couldn't feel my fingers as I tried to find a way in, Then everything went black and dark. I knew my time was running out as I lost unconsciousness right there.

It was not long in reality; even if it felt like forever that I was in the void slowly dying from hypothermia.

Carmen’s intuition was screaming that something was amiss. She went to reassure herself from what she considered the storm to be affecting her strong sense of security in these secluded hideaways of her own creation.

She opened the front entrance only to find that her intuition was never wrong.

A young girl laying there;

“A child?” Carmen asked as she dragged the tiny frozen thing inside her mansion.

The poor girl looked more like a frozen popsicle than the young nomadic runaway that she was.

Carmen started to thaw her out by setting her in front of the warm fireplace in the den.

The snow and ice slowly melted onto the wooden floors as the fire burned brightly.

She was concerned deeply as this hideout was deep in the woods and the general public didn't know of it.

Which meant the girl was living In the woods or hiding from danger there.

She looked to be about seven to eight years old.

She was wearing a red and black school uniform with matching knee socks and leather loafers; They looked worn in and ragged.

The uniform consisted of a red blazer, a white button up blouse and a matching red and black plaid skirt. It had a matching black bowtie. The socks had a back seam and the monogram C. f. s.

Her hair was long and completely matted indicating she had been on the run for a while.

As much as Carmen did not want to; she had no choice but to help the child as the young girl was now her responsibility as she couldn't call emergency services to pick her up.

She couldn't stay in those raggedy frozen clothes any longer, Carmen skillfully removed them and tossed them aside

She wrapped the frozen child in one of her warming coats to quicken the process. “Poor thing, How long was she out in this dreadful storm?” Carmen asked out loud.

She began searching the sturdy grey canvas backpack the girl had dropped before losing consciousness for any information.

No school id and no cell phone; A stuffed rabbit was dressed like Carmen.

“How cute.” Carmen chuckled as she set it next to its owner.

There was a bundle of money and stolen jewelry. “That was not what was I expecting,” she explained while wiggling the golden chains around her fingers.

Part of Carmen wanted to notify acme about this; Yet another part felt like maybe this girl might be worth keeping around. Carmen seemed to split in two from the concern and bafflement of this evening.

Carmen pondered what to do

The girl was far too young to join vile and need to be returned to her family. Did the girl even have a family? Of course, she does her uniform looks like it belongs to an elite boarding school. She's some billionaire’s daughter and if not returned. I would be held responsible for holding her prisoner.

Yet the state of her clothes and hair; says she's been on her own for a while, She might be a lone survivor of a tragedy. I don't know what to do until she wakes up.

“I'm cold.” a high-pitched voice said bringing Carmen out of her thoughts.

“You are lucky. I was home.” Carmen explained to the girl as she wrapped a towel around the dripping matted locks

The girl blinked in response as Carmen dried her hair.

After a few moments; the girl was completely thawed out and wearing one of carmen’s national geographic shirts. The beige colored long sleeve shirt with a picture of the Golden Gate bridge went down to her knees and she was wearing fluffy socks but they was slipping off because they didn't fit her,

Her actual clothes was being washed in the laundry room and will be returned once clean and dried.

The girl cuddled her stuffed rabbit while intently staring at Carmen.

“What?” Carmen asked; she wasn't used to being stared at in such a loving manner.

She could tell it wasn't a detective’s hunt type of stare or a distrustful one.

In fact; the girl seemed to love her as she was basically babbling to the stuffed animal about the angel in front of her.

“I am Definitely, not an angel,” Carmen muttered under her breath at the notion.

Yet, she had saved this girl from death and clothed her; she gave her warmth and shelter from the horrible storm.

There was nothing they could do but wait it out.

“What is your name?” carmen asked the girl while sitting next to her.

“Charlet saylor,” the girl replied while scooting herself against Carmen's side.

“Still cold.” she whined as she placed herself under carmen’s arm and snuggled into her for warmth.

“You are definitely not shy, snuggling up to a stranger like that.” Carmen said as she looked down at the shivering child named charlet

“But you aren't a stranger, I might of tracked you as I know you would have to understand me.” charlet explained as she nuzzled her head into carmen’s side.

“Why would a mere civilian child track me down? I am highly concerned about this sitiatuon .“ Carmen pondered as she rubbed charlet’s back.

She seemed like she knew Carmen and yet Carmen didn't know this child and surely; if she was a detective she wouldn't be so interested in snuggling by the fireplace.

She did know of a woman with that same last name that looked similar to this child.

This titus saylor; She was a mafia boss; Carmen had a few encounters with in their similar career paths.

Unfortunately, that woman was brutally murdered by one of her own children in a sick, sadist crime of passion about three years prior

News like that gruesome murder flies very quick; The mental image might be worse than the incident itself to be murdered by your own blood. A ten year old child murdering their own parent is downright a sickening and dreadful thing to hear about.

One of the kids; The daughter had fled shortly after the crime and hadnt been seen until now.

Surely; this wasn't a murderer, she was docile and cooperative towards being questioned. Carmen wanted to make sure who she was dealing with for safety reasons and some old detective habits that sometimes bubble to the surface when dealing with unfamiliar faces.

“You are too nosy, It's not nice to ask so many questions on the first meeting, ya know.” charlet fussed while playfully elbowing Carmen in the side causing Carmen to scoot an inch away and cross her arms with A pretend pout across her lips.

“Sorry, just wasn't expecting company out here, if I'm being too nosy; i’ll stop.” Carmen calmly apologized while looking at Charlet who was staring up at her.

Charlet scooted back into Carmen despite Carmen continually scooting away.

Carmen started laughing at the girl and before long they fell asleep cuddled by the fireplace’s warmth
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