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  • Happy Birthday, Johnny, I wish I got something, but I don't have one this year; so, don't be sad over no one giving you a gift.
    Hey Johnny, Happy Birthday! *Place a $50 gift card from Amazon* I've got you that instead of buying a gift like your last birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Johnny! *Place a box contains a smartwatch that connected to his phone.*
    Happy Birthday, Jonny! *left him a noise proof ? just in case he can't stand the loud noises and some reusable cloth masks just in case he goes out somewhere during this 'widespread pandemic'.
    Happy Birthday Jonny! *got him a eyeglasses cleaning and repair kit just in case his glasses gets dirty and screws get loose.*
    Jon Eckart
    Jon Eckart
    Hehe... about the only thing I don't have around here.
    Thank you Jade!
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    Lucy Lucy: Today I learned....The real name for a hashtag is an octothorpe.
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