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What should we watch/do starting April 5/6? (vote for 1-2)

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OOC: I just wanted to say that the reason I dropped out at the end of game night last is because the batteries in my wireless mouse died unexpectedly, without the little indicator light going from green to red, as it normally would. Alas, trying to find batteries in the house was more difficult than finding Carmen, herself; and had me longing for the "good old days" of computers without mouses (lol).

But, luckily, everything was easily fixed with a trip to the store today.

I had a great time (as I always do!!) and (amazingly) actually won a round early in the night. I look forward to joining you again, next week, unless something unexpected happens (which it probably won't but you never know. Lol).


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I might be out for another half hour to an hour... I think I can open azala for Cards Against Humanity on my phone?

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If we can work out the best way to do it with decent software and easily available sites for sharing the stream by Halloween, maybe a horror movie marathon (and, not the typical horror movies that AMC and TCM and the usual channels show)... indie horror, foreign horror, lesser-known horror.

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