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Character Background:
Jacqueline was a Catholic schoolgirl in the 1970s Midwest, suffering from an existential case of ennui, when she crossed paths with Carmen, on her way back to the present following a heist in the 19th century. Unbeknownst to her (though known all too well to everyone else), she also hosts an alternate personality, Hyde. Hyde, meanwhile, is perfectly aware of Jacqueline, whom she finds loathsome for her more goody-goody moments.

Jacqueline is saccharine-sweet by nature, and although her moralistic schooling has been partially undone by Carmen, she is sometimes troubled by breaking the seventh commandment. But even if Hyde isn't there to override her qualms, she usually overcomes them by reason of her loyalty to Carmen and her VILE friends. Besides, she likes to look at pretty things. In summary, she's lawful neutral.

Hyde, on the other hand, is pure chaotic evil, with no moral qualms about thievery at all. For her, stealing for Carmen is the perfect opportunity to wreak as much havoc as possible.

Jacqueline is driven by a desire for belonging and more than a bit of hedonism. Hyde is pure hedonism - specifically, hedonism by means of chaos.

Random tidbits:
Jacqueline is pan, though she doesn't realize it as she's never thought about it. Hyde is too busy wreaking and enjoying chaos to be attracted to anyone.

Jacqueline's favorite song is Take a Chance on Me by ABBA.
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Morgan Cedesina
Give me an example of Jacqueline's and Hyde's hedonism? A past event, or an invented story will do, I'm curious.
Known Aliases
Jacqueline, Jackie, Sparkles
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Give me an example of Jacqueline's and Hyde's hedonism? A past event, or an invented story will do, I'm curious.
Well, Carmen, you know how much I love to look at the pretty things you have me steal. My favorite part of any theft is getting to hold the loot in my hands and admire it before I hand it off to you. Even if it only lasts for a moment, that feeling is what I'm really chasing when I'm out stealing things for you.

Coward. You know what I'm chasing? The thrill of knowing I'm making things difficult for somebody else!
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Is there any decision or action you've made in the past that you would do differently now in hindsight?


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When or why did Hyde develop? Most people have some sort of trauma or event that triggers a split personality, was Jacqueline's unconscious development of Hyde linked to psychological stress? And if so, which event?

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