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This thread is an Alternate Universe, meaning it happens in its own timeline and timeframe.

  • All characters are approximately 10 years younger than they ‘currently’ are now.
  • Technology and mode remains the same, feel free to use your cell phones and hover boards.
  • Accolade is our tower.
  • Canons are set in terms of where they are in relation to ACME/VILE but are free to improvise.
  • Original Characters must find a way to fit into this AU, and are encouraged to improvise as much as possible.
  • Whatever happens in this RP, stays in this RP.
  • Remember to follow the basic Info - Rules for Role Playing (Free Form) | The Elusive Carmen Sandiego

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9:32 AM, Accolade Tower, ACME Headquarters
San Francisco, California

The building was bustling with activity. New gear arrived at 830 hrs this morning and were docked in South Hangar 8 waiting for transport to Accolade’s main loading platform. Recruits due to receive the latest ACME Communicators with 5G system were already waiting in line outside an official distribution area.

Chase Devineaux recognized one of the boys, a rough-looking kid with blond-ginger hair that graduated from his training course last semester. By this time, that kid would have seen three different cases and would be ready for a promotion within a month or two. Lucky -- Chase himself hadn’t seen a case in years.

Tugging his cap slightly, Devineaux jaunted his way to the elevators and tapped his keycard against a flat stainless steel surface. This one simple interaction action took him up to floor 5, Academic Resources. Today he was collecting ‘academic visitor’ badges for potential instructors coming in from various parts of the world to view ACME Headquarters -- an open house of sorts. One card was reserved for a long-time Marine buddy who was in town for a few, something Chase was sure HR wouldn’t mind. Other visitor IDs were for inter-branch transfers and potential new instructors he had met... somewhere.

After retrieving the cards, he rode the elevator back down to the lobby and turned on his phone. A group of teenagers, obvious Junior Detectives, entered the lobby. They were likely heading up to International Crimes on the 21st floor, and Chase found himself wondering if this ‘ideal’ of training agents while they were young was a sustainable one.
Nace Bilby, seconded to the ACME Detective Agency from the South African National Defense Force, glanced around the lobby. Evidently the South Africa Branch's experiment of seconding military, intelligence, and other law enforcement personnel to assist agents in the field had been something HQ wanted to emulate.

There was something ACME called it's Junior Detective Program. Teenagers evidently.

Goliath let out a bark as they walked into the building. His German Shepherd puppy had just cleared customs, and trotted alongside him. The smell of all these new people made him excited, but still watchful.

He reached down to scratch the pup behind the ears as he walked through the lobby with him.
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Elsa was 13 going on 14, and was on her first trip outside of the security of family vacations. She was in a summer exchange thing and was among the youngest detectives in the Junior Detective program at ACME. She was tall for her age so she might seem 15 or 16 already, but inside she was still an early teen with a lust for adventure. Though so far, she hadn’t seen any adventure yet.

Holding her book of epic poems, she tied her long blond hair into a cute bun and followed some other Junior Detectives into the lobby.

She stopped short when she saw a German Shepherd puppy. With a mini phobia of anything with teeth, especially dogs, Elsa was apprehensive.
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As the oldest among the ‘Junior Detectives’ Lee Jordan at the age of 19 considered himself too hot for the programme. He spent an hour of his morning already bragging on how his invitation to get the 5G communicators came a full 24 hours before the second-ranking Junior Detective, Ivy M-Something, got her code.

He was spending the rest of the morning bragging now to a younger newbie about the kind of cases he’d heard other more senior detectives talk about because he got to hang out in the Detective Rec-Room all the time (once).
"Oh man, this is so awesome!" Zack Monaghan skateboarded towards the crowd of new junior detectives. Distracted by all the faces he slipped off course and came crashing into a tall blonde girl. He rolled just time to prop her up and keep her from falling, but that didn't stop him from clumsily tripping on his own feet and finding the floor in hard contact with his behind.

Through a smattering of soft laughter from the immediate crowd he got up and scratched his hair, then picked up his flipped longboard from the pavement.

"Heh, sorry about that." Zack replied with a sheepish smile.

This was his first enrolment in ACME, but not his first time around the campus. He wanted to join the previous year, and even though his IQ scores were off the charts, he was a summer-born and didn't make it pass the age cut off. Now that he was fourteen things were going to be different, he was finally going to get to travel, use his brains to solve real live cases, and put baddies behind bars.

"Anyone seen any of the new International instructors?" Zack asked and got a shrug in reply from one of his peers. Not dismayed, he overheard someone else mention the name of ACME's most famous former Special Agent and tried to join in the conversation, "Was Chase Deivneaux really around here earlier? Oh man! Oh man! It's Lee Jordan, Ace Detective!!" Zack's eyes were glowing with hero worship.

Lee was the top ranking Junior Detective, he also had cool hair that seemed to defy gravity and a shirt collar that popped up just right. In five years time, Zack wanted to be exactly like Lee Jordan.

He casually skated up to Jordan, trying his best to look chill. "Hey! Hey!" He said, "Monaghan, Zack... I mean, Hey! You're the amazing Lee Jordan!"
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Jason West hurriedly pulled his 1991 Mustang Gt through the gate to the Accolade because today was his first day at ACME as an instructor. Jason hoped he would be able to teach some of the Junior Detectives to use computers and new technology to help them solve crimes. At only 23 and having just finished his Master's Degree at M.I.T., Jason West was already well known in the technology field as an accomplished tech guru that had created a multi-million dollar video game as a personal project while working as an intern.

After arriving at the main loading platform, Jason stepped out of his car and into the bright San Francisco sun. He quickly made his way to the trunk of his car to retrieve his favorite weapon. Jason reached into the trunk and pulled out his personal Glock 20 chambered in 10MM Auto, and slid a magazine into it. After digging the one loose round in his pocket out, Jason worked the slide to cycle a round into the chamber and then hit the magazine release. The magazine dropped out into the tech guru's hand and he quickly placed the loose round back into the magazine and inserted the magazine back into the weapon. He gave the bottom of the magazine a quick tap to make sure it was fully seated into the gun before placing it in the holster that was hidden beneath his T-Shirt.

Jason hurried inside to the main receiving dock to find his instructor's badge so that he could make his way to what would be his classroom to make sure everything was in order for the new batch of Junior Detectives. He would be teaching classes for both age groups but would cover entirely different subject matter for both age groups.
Nace had checked the 9mm Browning Hi Power sidearm, ensuring it was hidden under the tail of his long sleeved Springbok's rugby jersey when he walked into the building.

He noticed a blonde woman, probably one of the students, @Elsa seemed uncomfortable around Goliath, judging from how she stopped short before she went to join her friends.

He gave the puppy's leash a gentle tug as he had barked at the group of students in the lobby. He was sure he'd get to meet the students soon enough.

After some years in the South African military, including some time with South Africa's Special Forces Brigade with training and experience in sniping and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) under his belt, he had been assigned here to help train the junior detectives.

South Africa and the United Kingdom's experiments with using military members, intelligence officers, and other law enforcement types to help train their ACME cadets had been a method that HQ had noticed and wanted to emulate, hence his assignment.

He wanted to check out the classroom facilities before he would start work and teaching before getting oriented and meeting everyone else.


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Ivy Monaghan was feeling particularly cranky, having stayed up late last night to finish a report for her latest case. It was an open and shut investigation on an art counterfeiter in Prague which she considered a bad use of her skills. The thrill of being in ACME after all was chasing down crooks, and for Ivy it was always about the physical rush not interviews and paperwork.

As the redhead reached the front of the line, she put her old communicator device down for inspection and exchange. It clearly wore the battle scars of fieldwork: a broken screen and a missing battery panel. The ACME technician made a sour face at the sorry pile of metal before handing her a new gadget calibrated with her identification codes.

Yawning, Ivy waited for the device to boot up, then as she set the current date, she smiled for the first time this morning. In just a few days she was going to be 18 years old. Her brief reverie came to a stop as she overheard a nearby conversation.

"Hey! Hey!" He said, "Monaghan, Zack... I mean, Hey! You're the amazing Lee Jordan!"
"That's me, Lee Jordan," he expanded his chest and leaned back, pointing a thumb to himself, "and I am amazing."
Ivy rolled her eyes at her brother’s adoration and Lee Jordan’s inflated ego. “Zack, I know you like being wide eyed, but try not to drool.”

She shot a nod to Lee Jordan. Despite the fact that his self importance got on her nerves, she respected him as a good agent and top detective. For now, anyway. That position was going to be hers by the end of the season.
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Elsa watched the German Shepherd puppy from the corner of her eye, periodically. Did it just bark? Was it barking at her? Did it sense her fear?

Eventually, she saw the older agents and approached them, still holding tight to her book of Epic poems. Then she thought she should learn to be more brave, and decided to talk to the puppy's owner (@Nace Bilby).

"Excuse me, mister with dog," she said, "do you know where the library is?"


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Antagonizing ACME’s internal security would not be a good way to introduce himself as a consultant, Eugene thought, but how could he be blamed if they hadn't been notified he had been invited by the Chase Devineaux? No amount of waving his text messages in the guards face convinced them, and so he sat idling for an hour until the shift supervisor called in to clear up the matter.

From the garage, it was an undignified escort upstairs to the reception lobby, where he finally received an ‘unescorted visitor’ badge with little change in his escort’s expression. Now free of the supervisor’s hawklike stare, Eugene chuckled and surveyed the scene. A gaggle of teenagers with badges similar to his were scattered about the lobby. Among them Euge could make out three of ACME’s superstar detectives; Monaghan the younger bouncing as he conversed with Lee Jordan, who oozed cockiness. Close by was the redheaded Monaghan, eyeing the conversation with disdain.

Standing apart were two figures, both with military demeanors and and stances suggesting sidearms. The one with the German Shepherd puppy was conversing with a petite blonde. With the dog automatically excluding him from that group, Euge swiftly turned on heel towards the cluster of detectives, the agreed upon excuse Chase and him had cultivated primed in his head.

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