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OK, I saw this question when it was first put up, and I thought, "Oh, OK, there's no way it can be "marshmallows" again!! LOL!!" So I looked up things like cocoa (chocolate) and sugar cane, because sometimes cocoa can be a bit bitter. But I wasn't completely satisfied with that. So when @Jason West posted his answer, I checked it out myself, and here is what I got, using Google.

"Marshmallow Root Extra-Xi'an Co., Ltd.

Marshmallow Root Extract Quality Supplement-Herbal extract-plant. Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kampuchea, (Cambodia) Kazakstan, Kenya. Althea officinalis is the official name, but there are many variations on it, that all mean the same thing."

So...I guess we have to stop this Candy Kane person from stealing this ingredient...or there won't be any more marshmallows for Peeps this Easter...or for s'mores...or hot chocolate. Ohhh I want some marshmallow Peeps...and s'mores and hot chocolate!! LOL!! There's been a lot of snow and record-breaking cold in my home-state of Ohio lately. I'm sure a lot of people have been enjoying hot chocolate lately!! LOL!! :)

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Yes...I believe that is correct, also. I spent most of my life in Cairo and in Kenya...and I found marshmallow root tea very soothing for my throat...especially after spending the whole day using my voice to command my emerging powers to help the people of the Serengetti Plains...and I continued to fight alongside the X-Men.


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You guys are on a roll! @Jason is right with the Ivory Coast, and @Julie Justice got the chocolate (though it's more cocoa beans.)

We sent a team to the Ivory Coast but Candy Kane is nowhere to be seen! Guess she knew we were on to her. Let's see, chocolate, marshmallows... there's only 1 more missing ingredient to a good S'more.

What is that ingredient and where was it first created?


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Update: It's come to my attention that some of @Jade's answers were delayed from Thursday 19th, February until now. Please note that she was the first who guessed the 'Easter' part of the peeps clue correctly, and Cote d'Ivore on the s'mores question.

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