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And on a one-day road trip one time with my grandfather, we listened to the album "Stardust" by Natalie Cole, on cassette tape, with all those old standard pop songs from the 1940s. I like her versions and her father Nat "King" Cole's the best.
Love this! I grew up with Natalie's Unforgettable... With Love album playing constantly. I rediscovered it a few years ago and was actually just listening to her version of Paper Moon last night. It's a fantastic album.


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Finally got a chance to do this!
(Click here to listen to whole playlist)

The official Neb song:
I Choose Noise - Hybrid

The main song I was listening to for each RP:
Paradigm Shift:
Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes - Thievery Corporation
Auld Lang Syne:
Don't Think (Black Swan Remix) - The Chemical Brothers
You Make Me Feel - Archive
Nothing But Time - Metric
Interim (Restoration/DnD):
Phon.o - Schn33
Moment Of Truth - The Crystal Method (runner up for official Neb song)

The song that seems to best fit Neb and Flag's relationship:
Take Me Into Your Skin - Trentemøller

The song I used to write Resonating:
Agnus Dei - Frank Martin (this particular recording)

All the other Neb songs:
Believe - The Chemical Brothers (the music vid for this is pretty great)
Climbatize - The Prodigy
Stamina Rose - Stand Alone Complex O.S.T.
Believe - Run Lola Run
Vertical - Vibrasphere
The Roots Feat Lior Attar - Lostep
Discovering - Solar Fields
North Cormorant Obscurity - Rykard
First sleep - Cliff Martinez
Chapter One - The Crystal Method (Ft Teflon Sega)
Part of Life - Nanobyte ft. Mary Lambert
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