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*grabby hands*

(I worked one summer in college at a story that sold nothing but cherry products - the area I come from is known for its cherries, and in fact, my grandparents were cherry (and apple and peach and dairy) farmers. Best job I ever had, not gonna lie.)
(Funny you should say that. Actually, I'd never heard of these before, until my mom brought a bag home that she got about a week or so ago, at Tractor Supply. Lol. She got another bag a few days ago. They're gone already. Lol. It's cool that your grandparents were farmers. The agriculture in the part of Ohio that I'm from is mostly hay, corn, etc.)

Claire Yeon

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((I despise Valentine's Day, but I do enjoy a good chat-up line. Here a few of my favorites from over the years.

Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you.
Being with you is like making the switch to polar coordinates: complex and imaginary things now have a magnitude and direction.
You must be debt, because my interest in you is growing.
Is your name Salvador Dali? Because you are persistently in my memory.
You raise my dopamine levels.
I wish your heart was a proton so I'd get a Nobel Prize when I break it.

Naturally, I also have to include my favorite Valentine.


Pitya Ivyr

K-9 Unit Manager and Trainer
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RIGHT?! Should we post the Crackle one... cause that one is amusing (okay all are amusing as heck)


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I think you are wonderful, more than words can say.
A great person to talk to, each and every new born day.
When all the world gets you down, please know I am always around.
I am willing to play the fool, if it shall chase away many a frown.
A ray of sunshine you always are, with such a cheerful stance.
I would have said something sooner, if I gave my heart a chance.
Please pardon my adoration, you doth make happy with a smile.
I am glad to know you now, it was worth it all the while.
You are wonderful, who can chase all the dark clouds away.
With such kind words, that can dispel the darkest rays.
There is a fondness I have for you, that I would not admit.
So here is a poem for you, that I hope you find a perfect fit.

Happy valentines day.

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