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(I don't own characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Zack,Josha,Vic-The-Slick and Patty Larceny whatsoever and no this isn't what you think,everybody this blog is a Valentine's Day one but it's funny I'll tell you all that.)
(part one begins)

San Francisco,CA,USA
ACME Headquarters
The Hallway
Josha just out of the ACME lab to help out the technicians with fix the repairs on the STUN suit (STUN stands for Stealth Tactic Unit Nanosuit I'm sure everybody knows what it stands for) and bumped into Ivy Monaghan "Oh sorry about that,Ivy!" said Josha "If you got anytime maybe we can..."
"Josha,we've been through this." said Ivy "I found someone else already." (hey it's true Ivy is already taken,no offense everybody you should see the Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Episode 38: Cupid Sandiego where Zack hook up Josha with Ivy of course but in the blog "The Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? reunion Ivy and Josha never have a relationship at all but remain as friends don't believe me read it at the old site/carmensandiego.info/Jade's journal under uncategorized and don't think about putting a comment there just so everybody will understand.) As Ivy walked away leaving Josha sighing until Zack Monaghan came "Hey Josha!" said Zack.
"Hey,Zack!" said Josha
"Miss Ivy?" Zack asked
"A lot." Josha answered "Don't even think about setting up with me winning your sister back."
"Not this time,Josha!" said Zack "This time we're setting up Jade and Lee."
"What! Are you crazy?" Josha asked
"I'm serious,Josha!" Zack answered
"Oh bueno hear we go again." said Josha.
Meanwhile in Downtown San Francisco...
at 8-Ball Pool Room (as in Billiards not a swimming pool just so everybody already knows)
Jade Ezell and Lee Jordan are playing pool..."8-ball right hand corner pocket." said Jade but she miss and it's Lee's turn while Vic-The-Slick and Patty Larceny are enjoying a sip of ginger ale (soda not beer) chilled with ice.
"Will look at this,Patty?" Vic asked as he and Patty saw Lee missed the black ball again.
"I know." said Patty "If only there's a way to set up those two."
"Jeez,Patty how?" Vic asked
"Come on Vic let's get outer here." said Patty as she and Vic leave the bar.
As Vic and Patty walked they bumped into Zack and Josha...
"Hey,watch where you're going you two." said Zack
"Sorry about that." said Vic "me and Patty just thinking about..."
"Thinking about what setting up..."
Josha nudged Zack "Zack,no don't say it." Josha said quietly.
"Setting up Miss Smarty Pants and the Bad Boy of ACME?!?!" Patty asked
"Well yeah!" Zack answered as Josha slapped his hand to his forehead.
Three hours later...
Josha's apartment?
Zack and Josha are going to set up Jade and Lee on their first date...
"Zack,what about going to the movies?" Josha asked
"Nah! No way!" said Zack
"How about something nice like going to a rock concert?"
"Don't think so." said Zack
"Not even the opera." said Josha
"Zack,what do you suggest? Taking cooking class?" Josha asked
"No,Josha!" Zack answered "Something less extreme."
"Like sports." said Josha
"I hope tennis is nice."
"Nope too boring."
"Yeah you're right,what about golf."
"Miniature or Pro?"
"Nah! Still too boring." said Zack as Josha snapped his fingers.
"I've got it,Zack." said Josha
"Jade has hobbies she likes."
"Such as..."
"Well she likes reading,creative writing,walking,thrift shopping..."
"Josha,does she have a favorite sport she likes?"
"She does."
"Perfect!" said Zack as he and Josha high five at each other.
Meanwhile outside of San Francisco...
in a old building own by one of Carmen Sandiego's gang members
As Carmen walked down the hallway (without her hat and trenchcoat on just wearing her pantsuit you know from Carmen Sandiego: Treasures of Knowledge) she overhearing Vic and Patty on the other side of the hallway as she knocked on the door and Vic opened and he said "Hey boss!"
"Vic,what are you and Patty doing?" Carmen asked
"We're just looking for red Riesling for you online." Patty answered
"Get on with it." said Carmen as Vic closed the door and Carmen suspected something suspicious about what Vic and Patty are up to.
San Francisco,CA,USA
two days later...
As the C-5 came and so does Jade and entered ACME Headquarters and accidentally bumped into Chase Devineaux. "Sorry about Chase!" said Jade
"It's okay,Jade!" said Chase "But be careful next time."
"Thanks!" said Jade as she walks down the hallway...and there stood a flower delivery boy.
"Oh those are lovely flowers who are they for?" Jade asked
"For Miss Jade Ezell!" the flower delivery boy answered
"That's me!" said Jade as the flower delivery boy gave her the flowers
"Sorry we don't have red roses but would yellow roses do?"
"Of course yellow roses represented Friendship and Happiness."
"Of course and here's your complimentary box of chocolates." said the flower delivery boy as he gave Jade a box of chocolates "We only got in dark chocolate and its sugar free I hope you don't mind."
"I don't mind at all." said Jade "Thanks again." as the flower delivery boy leaves Headquarters when Ivy show up and said to Jade "Where did you get those?"
"Just now,Ivy." Jade answered
"Who send you those?"
"Let me look!" said Jade as she looks at the card and it say 'to Jade my good luck charm,Lee Jordan.'
Ivy rolled her eyes when Jade said "What!?!?! Since when did Lee gave these by the flower delivery boy?"
"I don't know,Jade." said Ivy "But I'll talk to him and find out why." as Ivy walked away.
Thirty minutes later...
"What?!?! I would never give Jade flowers and a box of chocolates." said Lee
"Oh really!" said Ivy
"Seriously I didn't and I've figure out why."
"Because someone is setting us up." said Lee as he shows Ivy a greeting card."And look at this,Ivy someone left me a greeting card with a pair of Siamese cats on it."
Ivy looks at the greeting card she opened up the card and it said 'to the one and only...Love,Jade.'
Ivy is really upset right about now...
somewhere in San Francisco
at the bowling alley Jade was finished up two games of bowling as she pack up her bowling gear (her ball,glove and shoes) she saw an envelope and she opens up and saw a note that said 'Dear Jade, meet me at Bridges tonight Love,Lee Jordan.' Jade is really upset about this.
As Lee is about to head home somehow he found an envelope on the passenger seat of his black Corvette he opened the envelope and saw the note that said 'Dear Lee,see you tonight at Bridges...Love,Jade x(if you're wondering what the x stands for it means kiss and the name Bridges does that remind everybody of 'Mrs. Doubtfire')
Bridges Restaurant
As the C-5 appeared so does Jade in a off the shoulder black dress just like Sally Field did in 'Mrs. Doubtfire' only except for the straps and length of the skirt of course,black low heeled pumps,pearls on her ears and neck (and yes she wears make-up based on her skin,her hair is down.) and there stood Lee in a espresso black suit with white shirt and a black necktie and wearing nice black shoes when he steps out of his Corvette. (end of part one)
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(part two begins)
Inside the restaurant
As Jade and Lee entered the restaurant and the headwaiter said "Good evening,you two."
"We don't have reservations here." Lee said to the headwaiter
"And your last name is."
"And it's just the two of you?"
"Yes,sir." Jade answered
"It's a lucky thing we have a table for the both of you...Table 24 she will seat you two," said the headwaiter.
"Thank you!" said Lee as the hostess lead Jade and Lee to their table...Zack,Josha,Vic and Patty are at the bar staring at them.
After they sit down the waiter came to Jade and Lee and said "We have a special dinner for two...you may pick either our house salad with our signature dressing or our soup of the day,our entree specials are vegan cassoulet,the chicken Marsala and the grilled salmon over rice and either your choice of appetizer or a dessert to share."
"Oh that's nice." said Lee
"Wonderful we'll go with that I'll have a house salad with the dressing and the grilled salmon over rice." said Jade.
"I'll have the same thing she's having and we'll share a dessert." said Lee
"Excellent choice anything to drink?" the waiter asked
"Water's fine with me." Jade answered
"Yeah me too." said Lee
"Thank you we'll take care of it right away." said the waiter as he leaves.
Outside of Bridges
Chase came along with Ivy when she said to Chase "I'm telling you right now,Chase Zack and Josha has something to do with this."
"Are you sure about this,Commander?" Chase asked
"I'm positive,Chase." Ivy answered
"I agree with Ivy." said Carmen as she appeared.
"Carmen,what are you doing here?" Chase asked
"The same thing as Vic and Patty are doing as well." Carmen answered as Ivy's face get so red.
Inside the restaurant
As Jade and Lee enjoyed their own dinner...
"Now's your chance,Vic." said Patty
"Right!" said Vic as he bring out his camera and heads for Jade and Lee's table "Smile for the camera!"
"VIC!"Carmen yelled as she enters the restaurant.
"Hi ya,boss...Boss!" said Vic as he accidentally drop his camera as the camera shoots at the waiter and he fell down to another table and every single customers got shocked and screaming around the restaurant...Vic giggled as Lee grab his neck after he stands up and he said to Vic "What's the matter with you,Slick?"
Vic laughed and then he cried as Ivy came and saw Zack and Josha "ZACK!" Ivy yelled "Hi sis...Sis,oh man!" said Zack.
"Ivy, we can explain." said Josha as Ivy grab Zack's ear.
"Ow!" said Zack.
"Would somebody explained to us what is going on here?" Lee asked as Chase came and said to Lee "Jordan you and Jade have been setup by Zack and Josha."
Carmen came and said "Not only those two but Vic and Patty are behind this as well."
Jade said to Zack,Josha,Vic and Patty after she stands up as well."I knew it! I knew it! You four should be ashamed of your own selves."
"Come on Jade we just want you and Lee to be together...Ow!" said Zack as Ivy hold his ear bad.
"Listen very carefully,Zack!" said Jade "Lee and I will never be together forever and that's final! That's it I'm heading home right now!" as Jade leaves the restaurant.
"I better pay the meal." said Lee "Thanks a lot! But Jade's right we'll never be together anyway."
After the incident at Bridges last night...
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
while outside of headquarters Jade petted her cat,Sam while sitting on the bench Lee came and said "Jade,do you really mean what you said about us not being together?"
"Of course,Lee." Jade answered "In fact we're just friends in the end."
"You're right,Jade we are friends." said Lee as Sam came purrs at Lee "almost"
"Sam likes you,Lee right,Sam?" Jade asked Sam and yes he meowed.
Please note: Don't even think about setting up somebody to the one he or she knows a long time ago so I hope everyone learns a lesson about setting up a date beside the only thing they should know is that they learn the truth between two people who wants to remain as friends and never make them as lovers.
(end of part two)
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