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(I don't own the characters Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy and Snarla Swing whatsoever)
(Act one begins)
Ngorongoro Conservation Area,Tanzania
In his Safari outfit and using his binoculars Lee Jordan searching for the tourists who disappeared three weeks ago while on a tour towards Tanzania from Mount Kilimanjaro to Serengeti National Park to here at Ngorongoro beside his field rookies are searching for the tourists but they disappeared one at a time luckily he never slacks around..."Detective Jordan,this is Tyson can you hear me." said a rookie on communication through a built in microphone.
"Go ahead Tyson what did you find?" Lee asked
"Nothing,no sign of one of the tourists or one of the field agents." Tyson answered
"Have you look hard enough?"
"Yeah still none...huh!"
"Tyson,what's wrong?"
"There's somebody behind the bushes."
"Stay there I'm coming right now." said Lee as he head for Tyson's area but then..."Ah!" said Tyson "Help!"
"Tyson!" said Lee. "Don't bother getting here." said a female's voice "P.S. run for your life."
"Hey who is this?" said Lee but just then Lee hears something coming his way he turned around and saw a stampede of wildebeest he screamed.
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
As the C-5 appeared so does Jade Ezell who is really upset just then Ivy Monaghan came and said "I'm glad you're here,Jade."
"Hi Ivy!" said Jade in a sad voice
"What's wrong?"
"It's my mother!"
"What's wrong with her?"
"Ivy,I need to talk to you and Chase it's important."
"Come on, Jade!" said Ivy "Chase is already in the lab." As she and Jade walks down the hallway.
"What?!?!" said Ivy "That can't be."
"Are you sure,Jade?" Chase Devineaux asked
"Positive!" Jade answered "I'm not lying!"
"What did your mother do when she end up in jail somehow?" Ivy asked
"My mother was about to call the police because someone broke into her house...but unfortunately the police didn't believe her but thank goodness Maylee Young shows up while training in eyewitness description class."
"What did your mother learn so far?" Chase asked
"My mother describe a female in a safari outfit and brought in a snake that broke her cellphone in half but thank goodness Sam stay safe in her bedroom closet." Jade answered.
"At least Maylee is keeping an eye on Sam,right?" Ivy asked
"Exactly!" Jade answered as Crimenet alert came and Spencer Ross came inside.
"There's trouble around Tanzania." said Spencer
"Don't tell me let me guess Carmen Sandiego stole Mount Kilimanjaro, right Spencer?" Ivy asked
"I doubt it,Ivy." Spencer answered "all I know is that Lee Jordan needs help at once and he means it."
"I hope it's just a false alarm to get his attention."
"I doubt it,Commander!" said Chase "I told Jordan whenever there's trouble where he is now he will inform us."
"I hope you so,Chase!" said Jade
"Oh before you go,Jade I got a surprise for you." said Spencer as he press the button and there was Jade's gadgets "For now on your gadgets are safe right here."
"Thank you,Spencer." said Jade "and I'll take the Safety and Survival Kit and the mini digital binoculars."
"Excellent choice,Jade!" said Spencer as he gave Jade her choice of gadgets.
"Well better get going." said Ivy "Jade."
"Right Ivy." said Jade used her padphone and the C-5 opens and Jade,Ivy and Chase jumps in the corridor.
(end of Act one)
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(Act two begins)
ACME Safari Lodge,near Serengeti National Park,Tanzania

After Jade,Chase and Ivy came in...Lee came out of the bedroom.

"I took five showers to get rid of the stench from the disgusting water full of warthogs." said Lee right after he got dressed.
"Is there a reason why,hot shot?" Ivy asked while she,Jade and Chase wear their own Safari outfit.
"From getting run over by a stampede of wildebeest I've got no choice but I have to jumped in the water." Lee answered
"Where did this happened?" Jade asked

"It's at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area while investigating the missing tourists and one at a time my field rookies just suddenly disappeared." Lee answered
"Can you name one of your field rookies who gave you the last communication?" Chase asked
"Tyson Jackson." Lee answered as Jade saw a picture of the field rookie Lee mention (Tyson Jackson,male,black hair and gray eyes,African-American,Birthplace: Harlem district,New York City,NY,USA)

"Who would do such a thing?" Jade asked
"It's hard to say who it is except for a female's voice after she took Tyson away." said Lee
"Then we better investigated there at once." said Chase
Ngorongoro Conservation Area,Tanzania
After the C-5 appeared and so does the ACME Jeep.
Jade uses her padphone to track place where Tyson is at. "Well that's it there's no sign of him." said Jade as she,Ivy,Chase and Lee stop and saw a broken headphone with a built-in microphone.
"Terrific!" said Lee "Who would crush an ACME equipment into pieces?"
Jade gasped and said "The same thing happened to my mother's cellphone."
"What do you mean by that,Jade?" Lee asked
"Well a snake broke it in half." Jade answered
"Why would a snake do that?"
"My mother was about to call the police when a woman broke into her house."

"Jeez! Why can't the snake just wrap around and break your cat's back instead?" said Lee "Ow!" when Ivy slapped his head on the back.
ACME Safari Lodge (one hour later)

"Jade,Chase,Ivy,Lee I've got some information just so you know." said Maylee while she's on screen.
"This better important,Maylee." said Jade
"It is." said Maylee "Someone wrote a note and used your mother's name."
"What does the note say?"
"a garnet that is never red and never like an emerald."
"Maylee can you do ACME a favor?"
"I want you to tell my mother to sign her name please so a handwriting analysis can compare the signatures,please."

"Brilliant idea,Jade." Maylee said "I'll do it right away."
"Thanks, Maylee!" said Jade as the screen turns off by Maylee after finishing communicated.
"Well we better rest and think before we get an answer to this clue Maylee mention." said Chase
"Good we needed rest and plenty of it." said Ivy.
(end of Act two)
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(Act three begins)
somewhere in Tanzania
"Hurry up we need those gems at once." said Henchman #1 to the hostages who are working with no rest and no break at all...somehow Tyson got himself free earlier he sneak down without any henchmen seeing him around so he climb upstairs slowly.
Meanwhile at the Safari Lodge
"Hello! Anybody around!" someone said on the CB radio and Lee woke up "Huh!" he said in his sleep "Hello! This is Tyson can you hear me? Anybody?"
"Tyson." said Lee
"Detective Jordan I'm somewhere in a mine." said Tyson on the CB radio.
"Where?" Lee asked
"Ah!!!" said Tyson on the CB radio
"Don't bother ACME!" a female's voice on the CB radio as Jade came after she woke up and put on her glasses "Oh! And tell that free agent that she'll never see her mommy again *laughed*" Jade's face is really red as a red hot chili pepper.
Four hours later...
"Spencer and I got a match to the female who spoke at a radio last night." said Maylee while she and Spencer are on the computer screen.
"Spill the beans." said Lee as he,Jade,Ivy and Chase are enjoying a cup of chai (tea) and mandazi (sort like beignets except no powdered sugar and they're less sweet than our own donuts) for breakfast.
"The female's voice is identified as Snarla Swing." said Spencer as the picture of the villain.
"And she's also responsible for framing your mother for the crime,Jade." said Maylee
"Why that snake loving,hi-tech hater." said Jade
"Yup,you're right about her,Jade." said Ivy.
"According to what Jordan told me that one of his field rookies is somewhere in the mine." said Chase
"What about something to do with 'a garnet that is never red and never like an emerald.'?" Jade asked
"Yeah,I just remember I've found something about that clue when we got another note that said 'east and west a park in Kenya don't go there go northeast to the mountain pass the first village.'" said Maylee.
"As soon as we can figure this out we'll contact you and get the warrant ready." said Jade
"And since your padphone has been upgraded you can transfer anyone at ACME by pressing the transferring button." said Spencer.
"Thanks Spencer." said Jade
(end of Act three)


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(Act four begins)
while waiting for the answer to the last three clues
(1. a garnet that is never red and never like an emerald.
2.a mine according to Tyson.
and 3. east and west a park in Kenya don't go there go northeast to the mountain pass the first village.)
Ivy is playing solitaire (a one player card game),Lee is watching for any VILE intruders with his binoculars and Chase is pondering about the clues while sitting on the chair and use the desk as a footrest to relax his feet until Jade shouted "Eureka!" and Chase fell down to the floor along with the chair while saying "Ah!" and Lee came inside and Ivy stop playing solitaire after she got up from the lounge chair.
"Chase!" said Lee as he and Ivy picks up Chase easily.
"Are you alright?" Ivy asked
"Yeah no thanks to Jade!" Chase answered
"Way a go,Jade!" said Lee as Jade came with a book on her hand.
"Sorry Chase,my bad!" said Jade
"What did you find,Jade?" Ivy asked
"I've found the gem we're looking for." Jade answered as she shows them the gem in the book "This gem is called a Tsavorite a calcium-aluminium garnet and it's green."
"But where is the gem located?"
"In a mountain just northeast in Tanzania in a mine called Lemshuko which pass the first village called Komolo."
"But what about the name where it's coming from?" Lee asked
"In 1967 a British gem prospector and geologist named Dr. Campbell R. Bridges found the gem and he name it after get this Tsavo National Park which is east and west in Kenya." Jade answered.
"And that's where we find the missing tourists,Tyson,the field rookies..."
"And arrest Snarla Swing for kidnapping and forgery someone's name." said Jade "Let's alert Maylee at once she better get the warrant in hand immediately."
Lemshuko Mine,Tanzania
after the C-5 appeared and so does the ACME Jeep.
Jade press the transferring button and Maylee came along with the warrant for Snarla Swing. "Ready to busted a move?" Maylee asked
"No,not with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum guarding the front door." Jade answered as she saw two VILE henchmen guarding the entrance to the mine(I hope everybody knows Alice in Wonderland)
"Great now what?" Lee asked
"Created a diversion." said Ivy
"Smart thinking,Commander!" said Chase.
ten minutes later...
Ivy and Lee disguise themselves as miners Ivy is a hewer(a miner who picks the rock with a pick ax) and Lee is a putter (a miner who works with the carts).
"Hey you two!" said Henchman #1 as he pointed at Lee and Ivy "Keep an eye on that troublemaker." as he pointed Lee and Ivy to Tyson. "I'll get somebody to do that." the henchman left.
"Detective Jordan,Commander Monaghan!" said Tyson,quietly
"Shh!" said Lee,quietly as Ivy used a pick lock to free Tyson. "We're getting you and the others outer here."
As Snarla came downstairs to look at the hostage searching for the biggest Tsavorite for her boss..."Hm! What the!" she said as she came to the two miners keeping an eye on Tyson. "I've never seen you two here...unless." Snarla saw and suspected someone is escaping and exclaimed "A-ha!"
Ivy and Lee got shocked..."Well,well nice try you ACME intruders there's nobody who can helped you two now."
"Think again,Snarla!" said Jade as she,Chase and Maylee got out of the cart.
"What!?!?!" said Snarla "Get'em,boys!"
As the henchmen came but Maylee kick two henchmen to the ground and she grab the keys and said "Thank you!" and she ran to free the hostages while Ivy and Lee kick two more henchmen to the ground but Henchmen #1 is going after Ivy and Lee but Tyson said when throws dirt at his face "Here's sand in your eyes!" and roundhouse kick him down to the ground.
Snarla is getting away but unfortunately the stairs collapsed...Chase and Jade came with a rope she brought from her Safety and Survival kit to rescue Snarla and yes Chase handcuffed her just in time.
The police came an hour later taking Snarla and her henchmen away while the hostages are going to be okay and will be at the nearest ACME Medical Clinic somewhere in Arusha,Tanzania.
"Wow!" said Tyson "I can't believe it a free agent helping out ACME,Detective Jordan!"
"Oh yeah,Tyson,Jade is an incredibly amazing." said Lee
"Aw,Lee! That's so sweet of you saying that about me." Jade as she blush at Lee.
"Ugh! Except I'm not in love with her and she got a cat which makes me feel so annoying." said Lee as Tyson,Chase,Maylee,Jade and Ivy laughed for what Lee said.
And after the case is finally solved Jade is happy to see her mother again and her cat,Sam is happy too with purrs and kisses.
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Thanks Invader,maybe my next blog will be better and whatever we do keep it good and nothing bad and I mean what Ivy said to us earlier is that clear?

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