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For once I consider it necessary to say some thoughts here even if they might not be read.

Terry's energy cannon has been illustrated in use twice before, just not in recent history. The last time was back in Iron and Steel, destroying the floor beneath Penny in an attack.

I knew from outlining, this assassination was going to take place and I also knew relaying it could be done any number of ways. I picked the one I thought most interesting that at the same time I know it might burn anyone who saw the general in a warm light ( sorry ). I didn't simply want to kill him because the plot had to progress. I wanted to also show an Olmec acting somewhat normal even if it was a highly abnormal situation. Show they're still people too even if one of the villains.

Second, I feel some heads up is needed about a flashback story coming. Because no one has given indication they're read Devil's Blood. An aspect of Finch's family history will be confusing to you guys, minus having read that novel.

This ( although be it a more formal version originally read ) is meant to explain his gift about communicating with birds.



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You're the only person who knew about that coming. You're also the only person to comment, thank you. 🙂

It's going to be a while before focus returns back to plot line C. If you noted how the assassination connects back to plot line A, you know certain people aren't going to be happy about what took place when they figure it out. Wait till I get to what Waruda is after and the result of that. Such a muddled sense of right and wrong. I hope people are still interested in this story by the time that rolls around.

In truth outside the fact I darkened Terry for the dance. Nothing is shown. I just thought it would be more funny with what is being implied, covering him in shadow. Yes, he's making thing definitely not all ages appropriate in what I have him doing . But all the bad being hidden really since this is being shown from behind, is his butt, and I made sure one fan would be going over that area.

I'd say more here but I doubt there's an interest from people to hear.
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Hello Systemcat.

I caught up on reading your comics yesterday, as I hope you can see by the ❤ on the posts. I did like the fan dance thing; and I like the Asian angle, in general. Very interesting. I intend to take Julie into a storyline with a slightly Asian bent to it. More South Asian, though. 😉 I have a lot of reading--and writing to--to catch up with on here. Looking forward to seeing what happens in this story. 🙂 ❤

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