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People have made their decision about my work that it's not worth sharing. This has come through silence and not getting answers back. Goodbye.

Contact me by PM since an email will notify me if minds have changed.

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Your work is great and people are reading your posts. No one wants you to stop and have been encouraging you to continue. People have been busy over the weekend and have to take care of things as well. Try to understand that no one is being silent because they don't like your work. They enjoy it and others on the site as well.
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Hello everyone.

I wrote this last night, and it said my "changes have been saved" but when I looked at this conversation again today, it was gone. Which is weird. I've had the problem lately with my Facebook Messenger, but never on here.

But all I can say, @systemcat, is that noone wants you to leave. People do like your work, as you can clearly see, but all the Views 👀your work gets. People would not continue looking 👀at your work, if they were not interested. I know it's frustrating for you to have to explain some of your storylines, but you just have to do the best that you can to answer people's questions as best you can; and direct them to the other things that you have written, here and on other sites; and people that are interested will figure it out. 🙂 ❤

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about getting the first covid shot, tomorrow. Talked about it with my doc, he thinks it will be OK; but after trying to get an appointment several different places, I was able to get one at a pharmacy, 20 miles away; but when I filled out a form that said I had a reaction to a flu vaccine several years ago (it triggered my epilepsy, a little) so I was told that I should have it at a medical facility. We did find one, relatively close to us; but, yeah, I'm a little nervous about it.

@systemcat, I will try to catch up on my reading on here, again, soon.

Take care and, talk to you soon, I hope. 🙂


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... ...
To people who haven't read what ties into the story here, here are the connections. Please visit or re-visit these stories if you want things cleared up.

This story started to be planned out in the middle of Devil's Blood being written. As the result of that the story being worked on was altered ever so slightly to make it's self work to the coming story, here.

Part of that alternation was the plot involving the gang of criminals jointly commanded by Terry, Louis and Annie. The characters of Gus, Salvatore, Philip, Moses, Opal and Pearl were introduced in that story. They are OC characters. Terry, Louis and Annie are AU but only "Amazon" Annie is easy to figure out from canon origin.

It was things going south in the particular direction they did and Annie's suggestion in the end of that plot line. That is what ties to Loaded Stone.

The other change that I will admit to here since there is one other I won't voice on yet. Is a reminder the OC villain iRogue introduced in an earlier story is still around.

Devil's Blood ( do note I've been told outside Chrome, my PDF files look like images. If your browser does not display the PDF for scroll reading. Please download it. ):

As Devil's Blood was being formally written, comic pages were being produced at the same time. These stories were planned in advance while Iron and Steel was still being worked on. At the same time still, I was starting to develop Gadget Girl ( an unproduced series from DiC Animation I decided to tackle ).

The very last of the comic short stories to be worked on in this period I made sure would tie into Loaded Stone. This comic short is also where my avatar stems from of Zack giving a salute. Team Time Troubles is the first time an army of robots in Japan is mentioned.

Team Time Troubles: Link

Right after that story finished being produced to the net, I introduced Gadget Girl more better known as Jocelyn Deyriès in Smoke, Steam and Mirrors. Knowing about Loaded Stone's coming plot details I made sure this story too connected in.

When writing out outline notes to this story I knew it made sense the Olmecs didn't very suddenly appear to the world after having been absent from the scene of cultures for eons. Also they should not be ignorant about the world at large by modern times. That's why one is at least shown in the 19th century mingling with other people.

Smoke, Steam and Mirrors: Link

In the middle roughly of Smoke, Steam and Mirrors being worked on, a crisis happened offline. Because I did not want to fall behind on my dead lines with Comic Fury. I produced a short introducing the OC villain of Alpine Adam. He was originally meant to be introduced through Loaded Stone.

Ice ( warning it's graphic ): Link

__________ That is the pre notes to Loaded Stone ___________

Despite what I told people at the time. I did not feel like abandoning writing Jocelyn & Patrick after one story. Then it dawned on me since they at the end of Smoke, Steam and Mirrors, had made a mission to defeat VILE. Why not have them as founders for ACME? Now that opening scene clicks into place here. ... Also what got me started on what I call the "gap stories" explaining ACME's history in pieces.

Introducing Ivy was in the start plan of Loaded Stone but not in advance giving her, her own mini story. But figuring out a mini story was ultra easy since it fit it's self nicely into the AU's timeline of events in what needed to come out.

That short story was To Return to Game Hit Continue. The short is the brings up the name Gunnoken-tech for the first time. The company who made the robot army.

When in Loaded Stone, Tommy says Ivy's married last name. I didn't mean for the dots to be connected in advance of her appearance to the story but felt it necessary the name be said in connection to her in the short.

To Return to Game Hit Continue: Link

Many more stories are a part of this series. All of them connect to one another.


I don't know if people want me to say my two cents about each page. As I've tried to make it clear, this story has been in the works for a long time. I do try my best with each page & try hopefully to keep it entertaining all the while.

When people say nothing as said before I understand the Likes system. But nothing said leaves me in the dark if I'm relaying the story correctly. I do try to produce these pages as fast as I can and I'm sorry that doesn't seem fast enough to follow. ... At the same time for months I've been daily working on Shattered that only had time missed on it during the Texas cold snap disaster when I had no power to run my laptop.


@Julie Justice only the second Covid shot will suck. Make sure to have a sick day planned for it.


So, do people want to know the details surrounding this page or how far along Shattered is in being worked on?

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Hello, everyone.

Checking things out for a minute, after getting home just a few minutes ago.

Things were easy enough, once we found the place we were looking for. The sign for that particular street was not as clearly marked IRL, as it was on the map on-line. Told them my concerns and they said I could stay for 30 mins after. The shot itself, burned for quite a long time, which was very unpleasant, and then ached a little, but is not too bad, now. Went to pick up some nutritional supplements, and then had some Chinese food, and took my evening meds, so I should be fine.

I have heard the second shot can be worse, I will handle it the best I can. I'm sure mom will help me out, if I really need her to. 🙂

Your story looks great, @systemcat. I look forward to seeing more. I have a lot of reading to catch up on here, and hopefully, a little writing, too. 🙂
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I hope they don't do anything too drastic.
To which group are you referring?

Why is their name okotte? Does it mean something?
I thought I brought up details about these guys a while back. ... This dates to IG canon content. Waruda and his cat, are the only connected characters who aren't OCs but are AUs. In the cartoon the impression was Doctor Claw was collaborating with a different group in Japan that was never named. I decided since Waruda's group seemed to be MAD's equal in the country, the name should reflect that. I confirmed this a few times over before committing to it. To keep in line with the emotional acronyms for organizations. I picked okotte which is supposed to mean mad in Japanese.

OKOTTE here stands for:

O - Organization
K - Keeping
O - Oath
T - To
T - Take
E - Everything

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