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I've never really attempted to save drafts for later posting on FaceBook. Normally my posts over there take anything from the span of a few minutes to a half and hour of typing to create.

How old is your computer? I replaced a laptop I knew was dying when the stimulus check happened. But even then what I'm using now is a few years old second hand from eBay.

Care so share some details about your coming story? 🙂

Today I wrapped up proof checking chapter three of Vocal Canvases. ... I feel I have to explain why this proof checking is taking so long to do. I'm reading and re-reading everything to check for errors not automatically caught by the office word processor software I'm using. Sometimes I won't catch a grammar mistake in my work until I'll read over the paragraph five times.

This morning I had to re-write and check over a paragraph because I'd failed to write in with draft one. Exactly how do the VILE henchmen in uniform differ in appearance for team Scarlet Lily compared to uniforms used by other teams. This difference in draft one was only touched on in scant.

The voice actor has disappeared off radar for the moment but I'm sure I'll be hearing from him again soon. I have the impression he is really just starting into this form of work and that is why he agreed to volunteer his talent to the audiobook ( that's also why I refused to nitpick his performance. I want to try and encourage him ) . I've asked him for suggestions of how to promote him with the YouTube posting and he prior to audiobook's completion. Seemed game I think to go along with how I default in the past have promoted other voice actors who have worked under me.

Until he gets back to me, the video is going to be unlisted on the site encase he wants to be presented differently than assumed. What I posted in comments to the video for him was where he could be contacted professionally, giving a link to his profile.

I'll PM you the link. 😎
Please note B-Side Tracks is the second story of an internal trilogy in the series. Feedback please 🙏 .

I still don't have the medication but at the same time other health matters are being addressed. 🙁


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Working on this page as you guys know is not why it took so terribly long to make it.

Already last to my knowledge the voice actor who worked on B-Side Tracks has now started his work on Accepting and Escaping Tomorrow. B-Side stopped being so dragged out in working on it once I stopped multitasking so much. ... I enjoy multitasking but what can you do about so many hours of the day. I've admitted to people offline I consider myself a caffeine addict.

At least working on editing Accepting and Escaping Tomorrow won't be as hard. With B-Side I wanted to bang my head against the wall because of how hard OpenShot Video is to work with on sound editing. Now I have a better understanding of the software & it's quirks.

Still proof checking Vocal Canvases. Right now I'm into what I see as the second part of the plane trip. The plane trip basically being a three part story event.

After almost one month, around 5 pm yesterday the CEO of Game Over got back to me telling me of my acceptance and providing a vender ID number. On Sept. 9th I had sent him an acknowledged & signed PDF as to my agreement to company terms. I can't start making prints right away. Do you guys have any video game fan art ideas you think would sell? Bare in mind this store entirely caters to old school gaming. All the way from the early days of Atari to strangely enough 3DS.

I swear one day I'm going to re-claim owning the big gray brick buying it from them. I have tons of cartridges for the system.

I think it was Charlet who showed this off? Getting ahold of a Funko Pop Carmen.
Recently Funko announced added in Inspector Gadget ones and I couldn't resist the buy. But to have fun in regards to hobby. Because the AU I write is based with a few DiC series I got the Carmen one too but not the sparkly one. What's a bummer to this is the other series note worthy that I write in have no Funko Pops. With nods to Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats, it's a shame blank base animals for these Pops don't exist. The other series none existent to Funko right now are, Mysterious Cities of Gold and The Littles. 🙁


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Thank you. 🙂
I feel a little burned about last night if you read between the lines into today. ... and it's wrong to go further into that.
No one saw at all what I posted the night before that.
If anyone wants to see that one page catch up ... I doubt any takers, never mind.

Page 80 only took a while to produce since I'm doing a mountain of work in the background. Still proofing. .. At least I know I did well on chapter 4.

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