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This shouldn't have dragged out being made. Blame matters offline why that happened.

I finally have diagnosis-es for what's wrong ... not good. What's worse is I can't afford to buy the prescribed medicine.

Lucy got a heads up about this in PM and now a follow up I'm going to share. I applied to be a consignment artist with a local chain of stores named Game Over. Well after at just over a week of silence the CEO got back to me saying he'd accept me in! Video game stores, the only place outside a convention you can really sell fan art paying tribute to popular and obscure game titles.

It's revealed on the next page what happened. Given the explosion, no one think this was natural.

I'm now edging close to finishing writing Vocal Canvases. The confrontation scene in the hotel is almost done being written.


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I hope they have affordable medicine for you to get somehow. And it’s great that you got accepted! Your art is good so you shouldn’t be surprised about getting a yes.


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Thank you. 🙂
Well, I was more expecting them to say no. I applied for the same position with another store in the chain years ago and got rejected. What's rich about that to now, is one of the sample pieces sent back in 2012 that was turned away. This time was liked.

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