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Meeting Kidman.
I only own myself here, and I have permission to write from kidman.

Kidman was sitting in the safe house drawing away on a sketch pad, there was nothing more to do but wait. The person she was partnered with was away ,and she had been instructed to stay put till they returned. Blocks away Invader was walking along Chase and Ivy , who were showing her some of the sights in the local area. Unexpectedly a group of detectives out for the day saw chase , and flocked towards him in a crowd. That sent invader into a panic and she fled before Ivy or Chase could do anything. Invader ran not knowing where she was going and frantically searched for a safe spot.

Eventually she was in front of a building that looked deserted and found the door open, quickly she ran inside and hid under the nearest thing she could find. Kidman broke her drawing trance with a start, she herd the sound of footsteps and heavy panicked breathing. Though something inside told her the unexpected visitor was in need of some comfort. Getting up she walked downstairs and sensed that there was something upsetting and faintly reminiscent about the unexpected guest.

"She came from a lab like you." An inner voice mused "You have something in common."
"Hello?" called Kidman walking downstairs

There was no answer however Kidman could sense a wave of fear emerging from under a bed, walking over to the door she shut it. Turning back to the bed she saw a figure huddled under it, looking around with wide eyes. Having caught sight of her the figure shot out from under the bed and rocketed up the stairs. Hesitantly Kidman fallowed the sound of the figure and found them huddled under a blanket, with their eyes closed. Cautiously she approached the figure and reached out for them , sensing fear and dread. When she finally laid her hands on them she had a premonition of where they had come from and it frightened her.

"Hey you are safe here! " Said Kidman. "Who are you, and why are you in my masters safe house?"
"Safe house?" The figure replied with an air of dread. "I am safe here?"
"What are you running from?" Replied Kidman. "My name is Kidman, what is yours?"
"I invader" Said the figure "I ...don't remember my real name" " I ran ...from a crowd I thought they would take me back to..... the lab...."

Kidman frowns at the word lab , she has faint memories of one , and she does not like to dwell on such thoughts.

"They wont find you here." Kidman replies. " I wont hurt you."

Unexpectedly the figure creeps close to kidman and leans on them sighing softly. For some reason they find comfort in being close to kidman. Eventually the figure calms down, and kidman is happy to sense the fear leaving. Felling a bit bold kidman hugs the figure who lets them , and unexpectedly finds invader leaning close to them.

"Oh you have scars" Said Invader with a nervous gasp. "I have some too, I hope you ...don't mind me noticing."
"Not at all." Replies Kidman, happy that they might have a new friend. "I have many more you don't see."
" I wont..ask about them." Replied invader. "I feel so alone in this world."
"You don't come from here? " Asked Kidman now puzzled. "Where do you come from?"
" I think another world, far away. " Mused Invader "I just don't remember how I got here. "
"You lost your memory too!" Kidman remarks excitedly. "We have something in common!"
" I was brought to a place called ACME." Continued Invader wearily. "I I belong there for some reason."
"The ACME people are after people like me. " Sighed Kidman. "Did they fallow you?"
"They don't know where I am." Mused Invader. "They might be worried about me!"

Kidman retreats into silence, she hopes they won't come here but she does not want to leave her new found friend just yet.

"Can we chat a bit?" Asked Kidman hopefully.
"Sure." Replied Invader. "I don't have to leave just yet."
"So do you remember anything about where you came from?" Kidman questions politely.
"I came from a world called everdream I think, I was on an island called a haven for dreamers." Invader recollects.
"Sounds lovely!" Said Kiman dreamily.
"It has sands that are the colors of twilight, and there are fireworks every night!" Invader Sighed. "It is a very lovely place, if I could only return there."
"I hope you can return." Offered Kidman. "Do you know how to get back?"
"Yes and no." Replied Invader. " Certain things must be met, I need to find my old name, I need a new name, and I have to find the door."
"You need a new name? " Pondered Kidman aloud.
"Every world has a different name for me." Sighed Invader. "I can't be named by just anyone , I have to find the right person."
"I know you will find them!" Encouraged Kidman "Does master know of you yet?"
"Master? " Questioned invader. "Is she a lady dressed in red? she did meet me."
"Yes that is master!" Chirped Kidman "What did she want with you?"
"I can't recall , but she was very nice towards me for some reason." Murmured Invader.
"Master is very nice ,perhaps she thought you knew something!" Remarked Kidman excitedly.
"She was asking me questions of other world, and a certain someone I don't like to think about." Scowled Invader. "Sorry to cut you off...but I would like to get back to my new nest."
"I can help you find them again." Kidman spoke at last. "Perhaps we can meet again."
"Perhaps we shall." Replied Invader. "I am glad I met you at least. "

Kidman nods, leads invader to the door, and watches them leave the building. She is saddened to see them leaving but knows they shall meet again. At least she has given a ray of hope to a lonely soul she thinks to herself. Invader leaves the building and runs into ivy who is happy to see that she is ok. Chase is close behind and is glad that invader is none the worse for the wear. Invader says nothing about the person she met and feels a sense that they will meet again soon.

The end.

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