I May Be Switching My Internt Provider

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Hello Everyone. Well, here is the update for today: We had some kind of power outage this afternoon. Nothing too severe, and it didn't last too long...just long enough to mess our newly installed cable up though (LOL!!) and we did have a bit of a prob getting it restored. Everything is OK now, though. And we also had to check to see if our home-phone number had successfully been ported from Windstream to Time-Warner yet, which was Winstram's error on the first place. I don't think it has yet, for some reason. So we're using the one Time-Warner gave us, I think.

Hello Jade. (Despite all this annoying stuff with changing our internet provider!! LOL!!) I think I've done pretty well learning about, and using all this technology stuff, considering all the things that have changed since I started using computers in 1984!! LOL!! But I still don't know enough to tell you why you might have probs posting on here sometimes. I know how frustrating it can be. But I'm sure if you can be patient, someone here will look into that for you. People here are always so nice and helpful whenever you have a prob with something. :)
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Hello everyone. We FINALLY made the switch from Windstream to Time-Warner on July 15. So, it took literally a month...WAY TOO LONG!! LOL!! And We still have yet to see this rebate, or refund, or whatever that we were supposed to get from Windstream. The moral of the story is: If you can choose between Windstream and anyone else, choose ANYONE else!! Also, if you drop your TV remote on the floor, the ON/OFF BUTTON may stop working...although it only costs $20 to replace it.

Also, I'm having trouble with my computer keyboard, so if it takes a little longer for me to finish my typing, or if my spelling in worse than usual, that is why!! LOL!! ;)

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