Frozen in time.

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Her eyes take on a look of steel, the color of ice, the breath of winter. This was the time of year they cherished the most, the time they felt most alive. It was a crisp cold evening, paired with a wind that cut you to the bone. Very few ventured out at this point, fewer even stayed outside for long. How long they had been shoveling who knows, that did not matter. They were at ease, being bundled so tightly, cocooned in many layers. They felt safe, and at one with the icy winter landscape before them. Their scarf had long frozen, now stiffened like an icy wrap. Nearly all of the agents had gone home, safely nuzzled someplace warm.

Most places were shuttered now, making an eerie emptiness to the streets. That made her more at ease, to face the elements in an icy embrace. The world had frozen overnight, transforming the area to a forlorn snowy wonderland. Powdery was the snow, frozen to the point of being sand like. To walk in that, the soft sifting sound of it resonated like a lullaby. They could almost bed down here and now, like a wolf, and dream of crystal plains when the moon rose. With the stars above, looking down on them, in a wordless splendor, oh that would be something to see.

"How long have you been out here?" Came a voice, breaking the silence.

"I will go in when, I am done." They replied not stopping.

"It is too cold, to be out here." Carmen exclaimed, stepping out of the shadows.

"I like the cold, besides I am nearly done." Invader replies calmly.

"It has been exactly eight hours, ten minutes, and twenty eight seconds." Carmen bluntly stated. "The wind chill is minus seventeen." Her breath hanging in icy waifs.

"That long already?" Invader paused leaning on the shovel. "At least we are not in Siberia."

"You really should go inside." Carmen suggested in a firmer tone.

"I am nearly done." Invader countered.

Carmen just sighed quietly, they were a little concerned, it was very easy to slip into hypothermia when it got like this. Once she had caught a henchman just in time, before things got worse for them. Motioning , a second figure stepped in, and picked Invader up.

"Hey." She exclaimed. "I am not done."

"That can wait." Carmen ordered. "We are going inside."

Looking up they saw Eartha, who wore a look of concern, they did not like the cold at all.

"You are like an icicle." They remarked.

"More like a frost fae." Was the reply.

Once inside, Carmen tugged at a scarf to find it frozen solid. Everything else was very stiff, and you could see icy waifs steaming off them. Touching them, they found their skin was a bit cold as well, they were a little pale looking. That was a bit alarming, however, they were still conscious that was a good sign.

"Any numbness? Felling tired?" Carmen asked.

"Not at all." Invader remarked.

"Your body temperature is a little down." Carmen noted. "We are getting you, into warmer clothes."

With that they took her by the arm, and they headed to the laundry room, that would be deserted this time of night. Good there was , plenty of clothes in there, that just came from the dryers. As well as a bunch of warm blankets, perfect. Carmen handed things off, and waited for Invader to return, they were elated they were alright. Perhaps they did not need, to worry as much with them. They then heard an announcement, due to inclement weather, the place was going to shut down for the night.

Normally they did not take anyone to a hideout, much less anyone from Acme. However perhaps they could make an exception this time. There were plenty of safe houses, ordinary places to outsiders. Eartha had walked in, wondering what was taking Carmen so long. Invader showed up, just in time for Eartha to pick her up again.

"I take it I am going with you?" She pondered.

"Well given they are shutting down." Carmen remarked.

They were taken outside where a plow truck was waiting, what better way to deflect attention. Invader was offered the front seat,but insisted on being in the back. There was plenty of room in there, halfway there they fell asleep. Car rides usually made them sleepy, there was just something about the purr of an engine that was soothing. Carmen just smirked, there was no need for extra precautions. Although how was that comfy, leaning forward with their chin on their chest. Arriving at their detestation she woke up, as if they knew the vehicle had stopped. The place was a stone building of sorts, ushered inside a warm fire was going. The smell reminded them of home, an oversized chair sat facing it. As well as a very comfy looking sofa, half awake they climbed on the chair, and fell asleep, curling up under the blankets they had taken with them.

Carmen breathed easy, as a storm started to form outside, it was going to be a long cozy night.


The VILEiest VILE to ever VILE a VILE
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You're getting better and better, lil mate!
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Another great story, Invader. I've missed your writing on here. We've had a lot of snow, and frigid temps and wind-chills like that, in my home-state of Ohio, earlier this winter...and we might get another round of it still... ;)

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