Co-Written "Friendly" (Feat. Eartha Brute)


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This snippet was created in April of 2009 but was neither used in an RP or ever published as a journal. Originally intended as a test to co-write something that led into La Vie de Luxe, it was written as a chat and then edited to Chase's point of view.

Her eyes were fierce, sharp and piercing like the edge of a pristine skyline before the full burst of a nuclear shock wave.

"Where is it?" Her question was in English, a language she knew I comprehended without repetition.

I didn't have the answer, and like the fool I was, I held my tongue. A few seconds later of her intense, silent gaze, I understood she was not going to ask again.

Her first lunge at me was a direct head-on attack and I veered, sliding on the varnished floor. The room was small, four walls, one of which held large windows opposite from an entryway. Behind the windows was a rod iron false balcony, it was both a decent exit and a considerably dangerous fall.

After her attack, she lost partial balance but recovered, turning to me with a fist-first reply. I ducked, moved, it was all I could do. I don't hit women. Seems a tacky statement, but I've managed to live by it.

"Listen," I said, roughly, as she swung another arm in my direction.

"Listen!" If that was my diversionary tactic, it wasn't working. She was determined to make sure I didn't leave this room.

During her third or fourth swing, she left one side open and I took my chance. Taking her arm by the wrist and twisting it to her back, I assumed from her fighting style that she wasn't very flexible. I was right. While she was in minimal pain, I had her where she'd at least listen.

"Ms. Zielinski," I breathed, "I'm not here to take anything from your room. Whatever you're missing--"

"This isn't my room!" She interrupted with what seemed a more pitched version of her deep voice.


"No," a reply from the door behind me revealed the silhouette of Eartha Brute's employer and the fiery-calm aura that often accompanied her, "Get off my friend, Mr. Devineaux."


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