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There is a purple hue that veils the sky, just before or after the civil twilight. A sort of silence occurs during these few precious minutes, for breathing and for contemplation, for beginnings and for endings...
I'm partial to green for a number of reasons. One being that like a large number of South African's I'm a Springboks fanl it's also the color of plantlife after a good rain, and partially also due to the constant exposure to clothes of that color (military uniforms and the like).


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Green is my favourite. Green evokes in me feelings of adventure and nature, which I love. And since I have a great urge to see the world, the trees that dot varied landscapes, the varied vegetation, and the sea green oceans... green calls to me more strongly than any other. It gives me a sense of freedom and protects me. That is why I love green.
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Middlemist Red, a flat saturated pink. It's found on the Middlemist Red Camelia, considered to be the world's rarest flower.

There are only two verified remaining plants, one in a Waitangi, New Zealand and one in the Duke of Devonshire's conservatory at Chiswick, west London.

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