Q & A Your character's favorite color, and why?


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Elsa, Lise
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I like Burnt Sienna, it's one of the original pigments used for earth tones. Because it was named for the city-state of Siena, it brings back so much history and lore only with its name. The Italians call it Terra di Siena, and the pigment was mined near Tuscany, formerly the Republic of Siena.

Pitya Ivyr

K-9 Unit Manager and Trainer
Known Aliases
Ivyr, Ive, Crystal, Lira, Teals
Color #
I enjoy shades of blue, green, and turquoise/teal. Turquoise like the tropical oceans - Teal like a perfect mix between blues and greens. Evergreen shades to pine green. Ocean blue of the pacific to a deep navy blue.

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