Open Valentine's Day 2015


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I have a gift for you,Zack:

I hope you can cook Chinese like Martin Yan can...
*place the book 'Chinese Cooking for Dummies' by Martin Yan on Zack's desk*
Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy!


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The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Valentines poem For the TECS people, I know and those I have foundness of. This is an IC gift to all of you. These gifts have been placed in red velvet boxes.

To Ivy brave and bold, fierce and true.
I give a heart shaped locket, just for you.
To Jade kind, wonderful, and smart.
I give to you, a heart tin, filled with tarts.
To sam a sweet loving cat.
A hart tin full of treats for that.
To Zack ,for your smiles and boundless cheer.
I give to you, a heart shaped bacon mug with beer.
To Kidman, for your friendship, that will last.
I give one made of, ruby red glass.
To Julie, for your kindness, and hope.
I give to you one basket shaped one, made of braided rope.
To Eugene, our keeper of the planes, and lofty heights.
I give to you, a heart painted, with eagles in flight.
To Not applicable, whom I don't know well.
I give to you a heart, made of iridescent shell.
To agent West, our magician of the computer hoards.
I give one made, of circuit boards, lights, and neon cords.
To Chase, for your encouragement though the year past.
I give one to you, made of kaleidoscope glass.
To Sophie, for your wisdom, and kind words.
I give to you one, made of polished pearls.
To Carmen for mysterious, and bold ways.
A hidden compartment one, to be yours this day.
To Joe kerr, whom brought back my laughter.
I send you one of bells, to sweetly ring hereafter.
To Bran though, I know little of thee.
A heart shaped cup, full of finest tea.
To Derrin, whom is fearless though and through.
I give one made of, lightning sand to you.
To Eartha strong , bold, and green haired hue.
I doth give, a steel pressed engraved one to you.
To Flag, from a place very far.
I give one to you, of gold and silver stars.
To Lee, because I have only heard of you.
One of fossil sharks teeth, will do.
To Nace, our disarm-er of explosive things.
One painted with angels, to you I bring.
To patty, one so sweet and true.
I give one filled, with glitter to you.
To Spring healed Jack, who radiates frights.
I give unto thee, one that glows in the night.
To Acton Roux whom I don't know at all.
A clockwork one, into your hands to fall.
To Nevon, because you deserve one to.
A simple silver one , will have to do.
To Colleen, for kindness once given.
A wooden, carved one, to your commission.
To Tanya, who deserves one as well.
A book shaped one, with poems to tell.
To carmine, the best feline VILE could have.
A catnip one, to you to make you most glad.
To Rose, a most wondrous person too.
I give one made of, beaded flowers to you.
To bay gull, the nicest bird one could know.
A bagel heart, my fondness to show.
To Contessa beautiful, and cultured too.
One made of embroidered velvet, will have to do.
To Chief for keeping, us all together.
I give to you one,made of woven leather.
To Suhara wise, kind, upright, and true.
I send one with cranes, painted on to you.
To Deric Storm, like a fortress you stand aloft.
One heart shaped stone, with a mini castle on top.
To Dr. Sara Bellum,who is a mystery to me as well.
A wooden heart puzzle, into your hands fell.
To Mikal, whom I know very little of you.
A heart of, polished metals I give to you.
To Molly , I hope our paths may cross someday.
A bleeding heart, flower I send your way.
To Vic, smooth talking, yet sharply dressed.
A heart shaped hanker chef, for your pocket vest.
To Iron, whom life has been rough to you.
Once of tumbled, polished stone will do.
To Sly cooper, as payment for a flower.
I send thee, a clock one to count the hours.


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Patt, Patts, Petite, Amber Cecelia Argos, Valkyrie
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(omg Joe I was so gonna get you shoes too!)

In VILE's super secret hideout that ACME will never find, Joe Kerr's locker seems a little more stuffed than usual. If he opens it, he would find...


Adorable butter-soft Carmine slippers!!! Yay!

The note reads: "They don't call it Stone Harbour because it's cozy. I hope these help keep your footsies warm. From P̶a̶t̶t̶y̶ Your Secret Admirer.


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Jade is surprised when she got the jade green butterfly pendant necklace...she knew the necklace matches well with her pair of jade green stud earrings and a beaded bracelet.(Thank you so much! @Chase)

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