The Case of the Pokémon Pilferers


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Tatiana Erzin, Armando Arguella, Dr. Belljar, Jacqueline Hyde, Wonder Rat and Eartha Brute whatsoever and yes this is a crossover)

Guest characters from the Pokémon anime series (in which I don't own them whatsoever)

Professor Samuel Oak, a scientist who is an expert in Pokémon.

Delia Ketchum and her Pokémon Mr. Mime (Barrier Pokémon)

Tracey Sketchit and his Pokémon, Venonat (Insect Pokémon), Marill (Water Mouse Pokémon) and Scyther (Mantis Pokémon)

Brock and his Pokémon, Croagunk (Toxic Mouth Pokémon)

Cilan and his Pokémon, Pansage (Grass Monkey Pokémon)

And Ritchie and his Pokémon, 'Sparky' (Pikachu, the Electric Mouse Pokémon),'Zippo' (Charmeleon, the Flame Pokémon) and 'Rose' (Taillow, the Tiny Swallow Pokémon)

Along with other Pokémon... (be mentioned later)

Please note I've been waiting for my updates for so long and everything is back to normal for me so everybody Jade's back to blogging. ;)
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(Act one begins)

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Ah, good morning Mr. Devineaux!" said the Security Guard (same guard from 'The Puppy Who Helps Me')
"Good morning!" said Chase.
"Oh, by the way, Mr. Devineaux...Miss Ezell is here in your office I let her in!"
"Without Permission?!?!"
"It's not her fault she came in she brought her padphone as proof!"
"Oh yeah!" said Chase "Thanks for reminding me!"
"You're welcome, sir!" said the Security Guard as Chase heads for his office when he hears Jade's voice over on the phone.

"Lee, you should not call here while Chase's not here!" said Jade "Yeah! *Jade turns around and saw Chase* Eek!!! Lee, on second thought fax in the report for Chase's sake, okay? Yes, he's here Lee and it's about time for me to get off of his chair as of now! *Jade gets off from Chase's chair* See you soon!" And Jade hangs up the phone.

"Chase, I have to take phone calls while waiting for you to come." said Jade.
"*sighed* I truly appreciated you did that for me, Jade!" said Chase. "Other than Jordan, who else called here?"

"Ivy called and she said Vic the Slick got away while pursing him in Greece trying to steal a year's worth of extra virgin olive oil, flower-flavored honey and a block of feta cheese." Jade answered.
"Anyone else?"
"That's all, Chase!" Jade answered as her padphone beeped..."Oh fudge! Chase, there's trouble at the Vancouver International Airport."
"Piles of suitcases have thrown out while people are at the baggage claim."
"How did that happen?"
"Better talk to the airport security guard."
"Jade, fire up that C-5 now!" said Chase and Jade did.

The Vancouver International Airport, Sea Island, British Columbia, Canada

The C-5 appeared and so does Jade and Chase...
"I'm very glad you came on time, Jade it's deals with the disappearances of the ACME Academy students ages eight to fourteen while camping around the Canadian Rockies...Young, Erzin and Arguella are waiting for us at headquarters at La Rousse Street." said Chase as he and Jade enter the airport.

(Oh by the way the La Rousse Street is a fictional street...and of course Vancouver is really based on LaRousse City in the Pokémon movie 'Destiny Deoxys' in which I don't own any Pokémon movies whatsoever as well or any fictional places in any Pokémon anime, games or manga at all.)

People screaming and running from all the suitcases falling from the baggage carousel...

"Yikes!" said Jade as she and Chase duct from the suitcase...
"Oh my! Are you two, okay?!" a woman asked
"We're all right, ma'am!" Chase answered.
"I'm glad and my name is Delia Ketchum!"
"Chase Devineaux!"
"And my name is Jade Ezell!" Jade introduces herself to Delia.
"Glad to meet you two." said Delia.
"Mime, Mime!" someone said.
"Who's that?" Chase asked.
"Oh that's Mr. Mime!" Delia answered.
"Mr. Mime?!?! As in a Pokémon?" Jade said to Delia.
"That's right, Jade!"
"Mime, Mime!" said Mr. Mime as Jade gasped when she saw Carmen Sandiego is searching for something or someone.
"Chase!" said Jade.
"Come on!" said Chase as he and Jade goes after Carmen.

Carmen turns around and saw Jade and Chase going after her...
'Oh no not Chase!' Carmen's mind said as she starts running...

When all the sudden Carmen gasped and stopped by a big green bug that said "Scyther!"
"There she is ,Professor!" a young man with a headband on said as a fifty-year-old man came.
"Give it up, Carmen Sandiego!" said the Professor.
"I don't have any of the stolen Pokémon from your home why don't you talk to Team Rocket!" said Carmen "They always go after Pokémon anyway."

"We know you're the thief hiring somebody to do your dirty work." said the young man with a headband.

"Oh please!" said Carmen as Jade and Chase came "I have nothing to do with Pokémon or causing the baggage carousel to be out of long!" Carmen uses a smoke bomb to get away and using her grappling hook gun to escape.

"No, she's getting away!" said the young man with a headband.

Delia and Mr. Mime saw Carmen when she is about to escape..."Mr. Mime use Psychic on Carmen Sandiego!" Delia said and Mr. Mime did.

"Ah! What the...! Let go!" said Carmen while being captured by Mr. Mime's Psychic and Jade gasped.
"Did you see what ACME never done to capture Carmen Sandiego like that, Chase?" Jade asked.
"I never imaged that would happen till now!" Chase answered as Mr. Mime set Carmen down nice and easy.
"I can't believe a Pokémon would catch a crook that way." said Carmen as Chase slapped the handcuffs on her.
"More than you ever know." said Chase.

(End of Act one)
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(Act two begins)

ACME Headquarters, Vancouver, Canada

Interview Room

"How did you know Carmen is behind the kidnapping of Pokémon?" Chase asked to Delia, the Professor and the young man with a headband on.

"We never see her, but we know she hired five gang members of hers." Delia answered.

"They were responsible to take the Pokémon for no reason." said the young man with the headband.

"Are you sure about this?" Chase asked.

"Of course, we're sure about this...*the young man with the headband on shows Chase a sketch picture of one of Carmen's gang members* That's one of the five gang members!"

Chase saw the picture and said, "You mean four and a half of Carmen's gang members?!?!"

"What?!?!" the young man with a headband on said.
"What do you mean by that?" the Professor asked.
"This one is a juvenile delinquent!" Chase answered as Delia, the Professor and the young man with a headband on gasped.

At the lobby

"Lee, this isn't a good time to call's true, Lee but Chase is interviewing three eyewitnesses at the Interview Room...Please don't bother him, Lee!" said Jade while talking on the phone with Lee Jordan who eager to talk to Chase. "I mean it, Lee! And be careful when dealing with the college students."

Tatiana (Tanya) Erzin came and grab the phone off of Jade's hand "You better do as Jade said, Lee or you're going to be borscht! *Hangs up the phone*"

"Whew! Thanks a million, Tatiana!" said Jade.
"My pleasure, Jade!" said Tatiana as Armando Arguella, Maylee Young and a ten-year-old boy with auburn hair with a yellow mouse on his shoulder.

"Hola, Jade!" said Armando.
"Armando, Maylee!" said Jade.
"Hey Jade, I like you to meet a Pokémon Trainer and his Pikachu." said Maylee.
"Hi, Jade, I'm Ritchie and this is my Pikachu, 'Sparky'!" the ten-year-old boy with auburn hair introduced himself.
"Pika!" said 'Sparky.'
"Nice to meet you both!" said Jade "Ritchie, what brings you here to Vancouver?"

"Well, it all started around Lake Louise *the flashback begins* me and Sparky are just walking around when all the sudden we heard somebody screaming we came as fast we can and saw Armando and Tatiana trying to save those young campers while camping around Lake Louise...there we saw a bunch of men grabbing all, but Maylee were taken." *The flashback fades*

"Lake Louise?!?! As in Alberta, Canada?"
"That's right, Jade!" said Ritchie.
"Lake Louise is one of the areas in the Canadian Rockies!" said Armando.
"Without Ritchie and 'Sparky' we would've been captured along with the others." said Maylee. "And by the way congratulations on capturing Carmen Sandiego!"
"Uh, Maylee thank you, but the credit goes to Delia Ketchum and her Pokémon Mr. Mime." said Jade.
"Did you say Delia Ketchum?" Ritchie asked.
"Yes, Ritchie, why?" said Jade.
"She's Ash Ketchum's mother!" said Ritchie as Chase along with Delia, the Professor and the young man with the headband on came.

"*gasped* Ritchie!" said Delia.
"Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Oak and Tracey, what are you three doing here?" Ritchie asked to Delia, the Professor and the young man with a headband on.
"We just came here and got interview about what happened Professor Oak's Lab!" Delia answered.
"Yeah, we know Carmen Sandiego hires those five gang members." said Tracey.
"Uh, Tracey, it's four and a half gang members." Professor Oak interrupted.
"What?!?!" said Jade.
"Chase told us that there's a juvenile delinquent." said Tracey.
"Do you have the picture of a juvenile delinquent?" Jade asked.
"Here it is!" Tracey said as shows Jade the picture of the juvenile delinquent.
"Tom A. Hawk!" Jade recognized the picture.
"Tom A. Hawk works under Eartha Brute!" said Maylee.

"Jade,Young, Arguella and Erzin this is not an easy mission." said Chase.
"I know it's not, Chase and beside Carmen won't talk to me at all I know is she's mumbles in anger." said Jade.
"Figures!" said Chase.
"But I did test out an ACME tech gadget on Carmen."
"Oh, Doctor Ross must have given you that while heading for upstate New York with Jordan!"
"Precisely!" said Jade.

"Alright everyone I have a list of Pokémon stolen from my ranch this is no scavenger hunt." said Professor Oak.
"These Pokémon are all belong to Ash!" said Delia.
"The sooner we find the young campers or Pokémon the better we find out who is the real mastermind behind this caper." said Jade as Professor Oak gives copies of the list of Pokémon while Professor Oak keeps the original list with him.

"Like Chase said this is not an easy mission!" said Professor Oak.

"Of course, it's not!" said Jade "Let's rough around the Canadian Rockies!"

(End of Act two)
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Before I go to Act Three, I'm sorry I forgot to mention this story earlier: no one and no Pokémon will not be harmed while blogging...

And here's the list of Pokémon that Professor Oak gave to Jade and Chase (which is not mentioned who gets the copies of the list in Act two)

1. Bulbasaur (the seed Pokémon)
2. Muk (the sludge Pokémon)
3. Bayleef (the leaf Pokémon)
4. Quilava (the volcano Pokémon)
5. Totodile (the big jaw Pokémon)
6. Torkoal (the coal Pokémon)
7. Buizel (the sea weasel Pokémon)
8. Oshawott (the sea otter Pokémon)
9. Scraggy (the shedding Pokémon)
10. Krookodile (the intimidation Pokémon)

the rest of the Pokémon will be mentioned in Act Three but not stolen from Professor Oak's Laboratory...Find out which of the remaining Pokémon didn't get taken away by five I mean four and a half of Carmen Sandiego's gang members.
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(Act three begins)

An unknown VILE hideout somewhere in Alberta, Canada...

A VILE Henchman return from an assignment giving by a scientist who is in fact a cyborg with a full of circuits..."Dr. Belljar, we talked to those young hostages."

"And..." said Dr. Belljar (who has a modulated voice)

"None of them are Ash Ketchum!"
"What?!?! What do you mean by that?"
"We interview each one of the ACME Academy students at a time not one of them is who you're looking for."
Dr. Belljar is angry, and Jacqueline Hyde said, "Maybe we should've talk to Ash's mother."
"Pish-posh, Hyde his mother will never tell us where he is while we grab the Pokémon of his."
"Muk!" Muk appears to Dr. Belljar.
"Get away from me you filthy Pokémon." said Dr. Belljar as Wonder Rat appeared and said to Dr. Belljar "I told you we should've bring Top Grunge along, Belljar."

"Oh, really Wonder Rat, What would Grunge do with this Pokémon?"
"They both smell and dirty *laughed a bit*." Wonder Rat answered as Dr. Belljar gets covered by Muk's 'hug'!
"Stupid Pokémon I should've grab a Snorlax instead." said Dr. Belljar.

"Could've been better with a Charizard or 30 Tauros or one of the birds like a Noctowl or a Swellow." said Jacqueline when her personality change to a wicked self (as mentioned in 'Culinary Chaos') "NAH! AN INFERNAPE IS MORE AGGRESSIVE TO TAKE ON ACME MORE THAN EVER!" Then changed back to her sweet self.

"Or a Sceptile or any bug Pokémon like a Heracross for an example but I told you we needed a Gliscor to swoop out the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building." said Wonder Rat.
"We cannot go back now we'll get those later with my latest invention." said Dr. Belljar as Eartha Brute and Tom A. Hawk came...

"Everyone we got bad news from Vancouver." said Eartha.
"Yeah! Carmen Sandiego has been captured by those ACME creeps." said Tom "We should get back to Vancouver and spring her out."

"We don't have any time for this." said Dr. Belljar getting off of Muk. "Beside we on our own and our boss will not stop us from what we're doing."

"And why not?!?!" Tom asked as Jacqueline answered to Tom " Why not? *Change to her evil self* BECAUSE CARMEN TURNS DOWN GIOVANNI'S OFFER TO BE ALLIED WITH VILE WITH HIS CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION CALLED TEAM ROCKET...*changed to her sweet self again* That's why not!"

And then...a red light buzzed...

"Now what?!?!" said Eartha as Dr. Belljar looks at the screen and saw Jade, Chase, Armando, Tatiana, Maylee, Ritchie (with his Pikachu 'Sparky'), Delia (with Mr. Mime), Professor Oak and Tracey.

"We have some uninvited guests!" said Dr. Belljar
"What are we going to do?" Wonder Rat asked.
"Nothing!" Dr. Belljar "I'll let Krookodile take care of them *laughed*"

(End of Act three)
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Thanks Invader!:)

Jade and Chase are in their own outdoor outfit...

Jade dressed in a deep purple plaid shirt with stonewashed denim shorts and frost gray hiking sneakers.

Chase dressed like a camp warden supervisor...windproof/water repellent jacket,dark red Chamois shirt,gray stonewashed jeans and dark olive hiking boots.

Jade got her medium blue backpack that contains her Safety and Survival Kit,her mini digital binoculars and her padphone.

Chase got his dark red backpack that contains his Safety and Survival Kit and his ACME Communicator so he can contact Jade with a good signal that is according to Spencer Ross who upgraded recently right before he and Lee along with his team to upstate New York.

and while in Act the ACME Academy students ages 8 to 14 and yes they're from different countries.

So get ready for Act four!
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(Act Four, part one begins)

Somewhere in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada...

"This is where it happened!" said Armando as he, Tatiana and Maylee points Chase out the scene of the crime...along with Jade, Ritchie, 'Sparky', Delia, Mr. Mime, Professor Oak and Tracey who were shocked and surprised.

"Unbelievable!" said Chase.
"Now what?" Jade asked.
"We should set up camp here then search for the campers before nightfall." Professor Oak suggested.

"Or better yet Venonat, Marill I choose you!" said Tracey as he uses his two Poke balls and revealed a small purple bug and a blue mouse with big ears.
"Venonat!" the purple bug said.
"Marill!" the blue mouse said.

"Oh wow! These two Pokémon are so helpful, Tracey!" said Jade.

"Venonat's sense of seeing and Marill's sense of hearing helps out searching for any sign of the campers or any of Ash's Pokémon around here." said Tracey until something or someone is close by.

"What was that?" Tatiana asked.
"Maybe it's just the wind!" said Professor Oak
"Pika!" said 'Sparky.'
"What's wrong, Sparky?" Ritchie asked.

"Mime!" said Mr. Mime as Mr. Mime looks behind the bushes and saw something mean comes this way!
"What is it, Mr. Mime?" Delia said and then she and Mr. Mime screamed as a big red crocodile with sunglasses on.
"Delia...*gasped and screamed* Krookodile!" said Professor Oak as Krookodile is going after Delia, Mr. Mime and Professor Oak screamed.

"Chase!" said Jade.
"Everyone run!" said Chase as he and Jade saw a Krookodile chasing Delia, Mr. Mime and Professor Oak...So, Chase, Jade, Maylee, Ritchie, Tatiana and Armando ran as well.

Meanwhile in the same area... (in a different place that is)

a green-haired boy in a waiter's outfit was walking when he heard a blast...'What was that?' his mind asked, 'I better check it out!' and the green-haired boy ran...

All the sudden Jade gets up after what happened..."Chase! Armando! Tatiana! Where did everybody go?" Jade said.
"Pika!" said 'Sparky.'
"Jade!" said Ritchie as he and Maylee came after 'Sparky' spotted Jade.
"Ritchie, Maylee!" said Jade.
"I'm glad you're okay!" said Maylee.
"Yeah, but where in the Canadian Rockies would find Chase, Tatiana, Armando and the others?"
"Good question, Jade!" said Maylee until a Krookodile saw them again. "Then again run!"

"Smart move, Maylee!!!!!!" said Jade as she, Maylee, Ritchie and 'Sparky' screamed as they ran again from Krookodile until a bi-pedal liked poison dart frog just jabbed in to stop Krookodile from attacking Jade, Maylee, Ritchie.

"Hey, are you okay?" a tan-skinned,dark-haired man asked.
"Of course, thank you so much!" Jade answered as a tan-skinned, dark-haired man comes to Jade.
"You're welcome, pretty girl how 'bout you and I hike together."
"I'm sorry not interested by the way I'm Jade, who are you and who's that Pokémon?"
"Well Jade, my name is Brock...*a bi-pedal liked poison dart frog jabbed the tan-skinned, dark-haired man* And that's Croagunk!" the man introduced himself and his Pokémon dragged him away from Jade.

"Brock!" said Ritchie as he saw Brock.
"Ritchie!" said Brock "What are you doing here?"
"It's a long story!" said Ritchie as Krookodile is coming towards Brock "Uh, Brock!"
"Croagunk, poison jab!" said Brock and Croagunk try but Krookodile knock Croagunk down but just in time a green and cream simian came and spits out yellow seeds at Krookodile and Krookodile ran off.

Maylee sighs of relief "Thanks a million there!" she said to the green and cream simian who said "Pansage!"
"Good work, Pansage!" said the green-haired man and shocks to see Brock and Croagunk...Brock is shocked to see the green-haired man and he and the green-haired man said in unison "You again!"
"Huh!" said Maylee and Ritchie in unison.
"Pika!" said 'Sparky.'
"Would someone tell us what's going on here?" Jade asked.

(End of Act four, part one)

(Please note: Both Brock and Cilan met but never introduced each other in a Special Pokémon episode unfortunately it never aired in the U.S. not making it up just go to Bulbapedia: a wikipedia about Pokémon and remember I don't own anything to do with Pokémon whatsoever.)
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(Act four, part two begins)

Somewhere in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

"Jade!" Chase shouted after deciding to split up to search for Jade, Maylee and Ritchie.
"Maylee!" Tatiana shouted.
"Jade, Maylee!" Armando shouted.
"Can you try and contact Jade again?" Tatiana asked Chase.
"No luck!" Chase answered after trying to contact Jade with his ACME communicator."It's because of that blast I can't get a hold on Jade."

"Ritchie!" Tracey shouted.
"Venonat!" Venonat shouted for 'Sparky.'
"Marill! Marill!" Marill shouted for 'Sparky.'
"Ritchie!" Professor Oak shouted.
"Ritchie!" Delia shouted "Jade, Maylee!"
"Mime, Mime!" Mr. Mime shouted for 'Sparky' as Mr.Mime, Delia, Professor Oak, Tracey, Venonat and Marill returned.
"Any luck, Chase?" Delia asked.
"No luck at all!" Chase answered until something, or someone is behind the bushes.
"Is it Jade? Maylee? Or Ritchie?" Delia asked.
"*gasped* It's ambushed!" said Chase.

"What the...!" said Professor Oak as someone grab him.
"Professor...*screamed*!!!!" said Delia as someone grab her and the same goes to Mr. Mime.

"Professor Oak, Mrs. Ketchum!" said Tracey.
"Run, Tracey!" said Armando and Tracey did along with Venonat and Marill as Tracey return them back in their own Poke ball while Armando uses his bola to catch Tom A. Hawk, but Tom catches Armando's bola and Tom uses his battle cry, and four VILE Henchmen came...

Meanwhile at the other part of Lake Louise...

"So Cilan, you know Brock, don't you?" Ritchie asked to the green-haired man.
"We did meet but we never introduced ourselves we never did." Cilan answered.
"Yeah, we still have our own goal." said Brock as Jade try contact Chase on her padphone.
"Any luck, Jade?" Maylee asked.

"None it's because of that blast from that Krookodile!" Jade answered.
"Krookodile?" Cilan asked.
"Yes, Cilan do you know that Pokémon?"
"Exactly, I remember Ash captures it when it was Krokorok."
Cilan answered "The question is why would Ash's Krookodile be here?"
"I don't know why Krookodile shows up unless *gasped* of course *as Jade unfolds the list Professor Oak gave her earlier* This is the list of Pokémon that been stolen from the lab according to Professor Oak."

"Professor Oak?!?!" Brock and Cilan said in unison.
"Is he around?" Brock asked.

"He was until Krookodile blast it with some criss-cross with rocks surround it causes me, Maylee, Ritchie and 'Sparky' to be separated from Chase, Armando, Tatiana, Tracey and Delia along with Tracey's Venonat and Marill and Delia's Mr. Mime."
Jade answered.
"Criss-Cross with rocks surround it?" Brock pondered.

"You mean Stone Edge, Jade?" Cilan asked.
"That's the one!" Jade answered, "That would explain why I can't contact Chase with my padphone to his ACME communicator...*gasped as she hears something, or someone is coming* Show yourselves friend or foe!"

There stood a Totodile and an Oshawott along with a 14-year-old girl who has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes resemble to Primrose Everdeen from the Hunger Games book series (In which I don't own the character whatsoever) but has a hairstyle like Madeline (also I don't own the character whatsoever as well).

"Maylee!" the girl said being surprised to see Maylee.
"Yvette!" said Maylee.
(End of Act four, part two)
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(Act Four,part three begins)

an unknown VILE hideout in Alberta, Canada...

"Of all of the idiots of the world you let them escape." Dr. Belljar said to two VILE henchmen.
"It's not our fault, Doc those two Pokémon are the ones who let an ACME Academy student escape with them." one of the two henchmen answered.
"Still, you two mess things up!" said Dr. Belljar until Eartha and Tom came.
"Sorry, Doc we didn't get the girl or the two Pokémon!" said Eartha.
"We even got something even better than them." said Tom as the six VILE henchmen came along with Chase, Tatiana, Armando, Professor Oak, Delia and Mr. Mime after Tom snapped his fingers.

"Ah! Professor Samuel Oak and Chase Devineaux how surprise to meet you and your friends." said Dr. Belljar.
"I'm not surprised to meet Carmen Sandiego's friends." said Professor Oak.
"Too bad your boss is behind bars and transfer to a maximum-security prison as we speak." said Chase.
"Good we don't need our boss." said Dr. Belljar.
"Aw poor Carmen she's going to miss out on all the fun...*change to her evil self* NAH! SHE ALWAYS SKIPS OUT OF ALL THE FUN BOO-HOO-HOO!" said Jacqueline Hyde as her personality change back to her sweet self.

"What do you want from us?" Delia asked.
"Oh nothing!" Jacqueline Hyde answered.
"Just putting you all away *laughed*!" said Wonder Rat
"And that's exactly what we're going to do!" said Dr. Belljar and that they did...

Three minutes the other room.
Chase, Tatiana, Armando, Professor Oak, Delia and Mr. Mime are tied up...
"Oh, if only Ash were here." said Delia.
"Where is your son, Delia?" Tatiana asked.
"I can't tell you where he is." Delia answered.
"Why not?" Tatiana asked.
"Walls have ears you know!" said Professor Oak
"Like an air vent!" said Armando.
"Precisely!" said Professor Oak as Chase tries reaching out his pocketknife and then someone grab his own pocketknife.
"Hey!" said Chase.
"Scraggy!" a Pokémon said.
"*gasped* Scraggy!" said Delia as she saw Scraggy.
"Mime! Mime!" said Mr. Mime as Chase, got freed thanks to Scraggy.
"Thanks, friend can you free the others?" said Chase.
"Scraggy!" Scraggy said (Scraggy said 'yes!') as Scraggy untied Professor Oak and the others with Chase's pocketknife, Chase stands up and saw six more Pokémon all in one cage each.

"Huh! Bulbasaur, Bayleef!" Professor Oak said to two Pokémon one who has a green plant bulb and the other who looks like a yellow sauropod dinosaur after Scraggy freed him and continue on freeing the others.
"Bulbasaur!" said Bulbasaur.
"Bayleef!" said Bayleef.

Meanwhile in the other side of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada...

"Is that all you know, Yvette?" Maylee asked.
"That's all I know!" said Yvette as Jade grab a pair of rubber gloves while Oshawott get Pokémon food from Brock and Totodile hold a card for Jade to look at it.
"A good detective always knows not to look at clues without putting on a pair of rubber gloves." said Jade as she put a pair of rubber gloves. "Okay Totodile, can I have the clue, please?"
"Totodile!" said Totodile as Totodile give Jade a card.
"Thanks, Totodile!" said Jade.

"What is it, Jade?" Ritchie asked as he, 'Sparky', Brock and Cilan came after talking about how Brock met Ash and the same for Cilan.
"It's a hotel key card." said Jade.
"Wow! That key can lead us to a hotel." said Brock.
"This sounds like a job for me, the detective connoisseur." said Cilan while putting on a pageboy hat.
"Detective connoisseur *laughed* nice try, Cilan I already figuring out this hotel key card." said Jade as Cilan's jaw dropped. "Don't you see, Cilan this hotel key card has the word 'STAFF' on it, and it belongs to The Chateau Lake Louise."

"But I don't see that hotel anywhere all I see is a mountain peak." said Brock as Yvette came.
"Not really, Brock!" said Yvette "I thought this mountain peak is real it's turns out to be a hologram."
"A hologram?!?!" said Ritchie, Brock and Cilan in unison as Maylee went through and back again in a second.
"Yvette's telling the truth!" said Maylee "There is a hotel behind the hologram."
"If only I can contact Chase and tell him what we found." said Jade.
"I'm afraid he's already taken there along with Tatiana and Armando along with a Mr. Mime and two other people." said Yvette. "The young man with a headband escape."
"*gasped* That's Tracey we have to find him and head for the hotel ASAP!" said Jade.
"Don't worry about looking for Tracey, Jade leave this to 'Rose'!" said Ritchie as he uses his Poke ball to bring a tiny swallow out.
"A Taillow?!?!" Yvette said.
"'Rose' look for Tracey!" said Ritchie.

"He's the one with a headband on and bring him here quick!" said Jade as 'Rose' flew to look for Tracey and 'Rose' did...
Exhausted from running Tracey catch his breath..."Huh!?! 'Rose' Where's Ritchie?" he asked.
"Taillow!" said 'Rose.'
"Lead the way!" said Tracey and 'Rose' did..."Ritchie!"
"Tracey!" said Ritchie "Good job, 'Rose' return!" And Ritchie used his Poke ball to put back 'Rose' back.
"Shall we, Jade?!?!" Cilan asked.
"Let's do this!" said Jade.

(End of Act four, part three...don't worry I'm getting to the next part of this act so please be patient everyone.)
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    *Breaks through brick wall like kool-aide guy* I just wanted to tell people I'm still alive and kicking. I didn't fall off the face of the Earth...yet. :D
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    This place has been an awesome read. Especially about the cougar shadow that only appears twice a year. Superstitious Mountain
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Happy Mother's DAY Everyone! <3
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Was invited to my local Rotary club, where we had a Professor from Ukraine talk about what it's like being stuck in the war with Russia.
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    ((IRL: Just checking in... limited internet at ma's place... my cell phone is the modem, basically. I am poking around online to see if there is a way to get them an internet connection through the ACP (they didn't get a tablet or anything beyond their cell through Assurance, were previously through QLink)... ma gets foodstamps and SSI and Medicare (the one for elderly), stepdad gets SSI and Medicaid... what I'm trying to figure out is a cheap (ideally free) way to get them internet... I can handle the network issues and all that (nerd here), just seem to remember there was a way to do regular internet through something))
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Greetings friends. Doing a drive by check in. Sorry don't have any jokes this time. Hi everybody!
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    Lucy Lucy: Greetings friends. Doing a drive by check in. Sorry don't have any jokes this time. Hi everybody!
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