Writing Spittoon, Vague, Sentinel, Test, Reverse

Claire Yeon

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It's been a while since we've done one of these. Write something using the five words in the the thread's title.

Spittoon, Vague, Sentinel, Test, Reverse

  • It can be a sentence, paragraph, poem, short story, ballad, ransom note, one-act play, tech manual, etc; anything to do with written word
  • Use any form of the words (all tenses, compounds, and hyphenations accepted)
  • Be responsible for your own content
  • Be creative
  • Must include full descriptions of spittoons
  • Does not have to encompass TECS or the fandom, but it's highly encouraged
Ready, go.
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Jacqueline Hyde

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From her perch atop the vineyard's highest castle, the sentinel saw tourists taste-testing their wine, then expelling it into spittoons. With a vague sense of unease, she turned her gaze to the parking lot. There, a latecomer put their car into reverse, but overshot the parking space and struck the car behind them. The guard shook her head. That person must have failed their driving test, she thought.

Tenchi Masaki

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Although his memory of the event was vague, Tenchi's nemesis Walter Wiley was inspired to create a robot sentinel and test it in town. Wiley figured one of these days people wouldn't recoil in fear of hulking automatons but today was clearly not that day. A group of men happily seeing how far away they could spit into a spittoon from stopped their contest and stared. One of them grabbed the spittoon and threw it at the robot who simply batted it away. All cars driving on the street hit reverse and started to drive backwards which never ends well as crashes quickly ensued. The whole town blamed Wiley and he swore revenge...


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The sentinel stood at his post, the long nights a test of his patience. He heard a vague sound, and then a loud crash. Looking into the next room, he saw a monkey playing with the artifacts. The monkey looked up at the sentinel. Laughing, it dropped a spittoon from from the shelf and screamed as it shattered. The monkey then reversed its path and climbed back up to the open window.

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