Deduction [Solved] Everybody Look at Me 'Cause I'm Sailing on a Boat

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The Edmund Fitzgerald?
I can't remember how to mark a reply as best answer. I'll deal with that out later, when not working from my phone. Anyway, yes, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald is the ship in question. At the time of her launch, she was the largest Great Lakes freighter in service, and remains the largest to have sunk there. She sank in a November storm on Lake Superior in 1975, and was famously the subject of a Gordon Lightfoot song.

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(My family often vacationed near Whitefish Point, where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank, when I was young. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is wonderful - the areas about the EF are sad, of course, but there's also some general stuff that's just fascinating.

And here I thought this thread was going to be about the Lusitania or Andrea Doria.)

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